Rings: Chloranthy Ring, royal Soldier"s Ring, Ring that Giants, Covetous silver Serpent Ring +1

Down the stair to her left is the an initial bonfire. Use this to travel to Majula and level up/upgrade your weapon/stock increase on crossbow bolts - you might want come level increase the Magic Mace you discovered in the previous area together the following boss has a reasonable weakness come magic. As soon as you’re back in the steel Keep, head end the bridge. A knight will certainly rush to fulfill you, yet your hammer will make brief work the it.

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As you method the keep, you will be invaded by among a variety of Dark Spirits. Usage your shield come absorb the attacks and then counter. Repeat to defeat them. Once you’re done, go into the Keep.

As girlfriend head into the room, you will most likely be assaulted by 3 knights. Kill them, and head through the door on the right. Head ideal through come the end to uncover Magerold the Lanafir. That is another seller that sells spells. He additionally sells a Fragrant Branch of Yore, i beg your pardon you need to buy if you can afford it. Girlfriend should likewise buy the Jester"s Cap and Jester"s Robes once you"re maybe to. Speak to him after buying every one of these, and he"ll gift you the Covetous gold Serpent Ring +1, which rises item discovery.


Leave Magerold, and also head with the adjacent arch and also up the stairs. There’s a corpse top top the left with a Pharros’ Lockstone. Head best at the peak of the stairs, and also interact v the wall surface to disclose a mystery door. There’s another mystery door in prior of the Ballista, which enables you to shoot one of the knights in the back.

Drop down right into the room, and another items will assault from the door on her right. Kill it, and also carefully head through. There will be a knight v a bow and arrow directly ahead of you – use your crossbow to take him out. Head about to the left, and two more knights should rush friend from additional along.

Run all the way along the left, and also kill the knight that drops down. Climb up the ladder below to kill the archer on the communication above. Open up the chest for some loot. Drop earlier down come the platform, and run ago towards wherein the first archer was. Halfway follow me is a set of stairs top downwards.

Head down, and also pull the lever to reduced the bridge. Perform not effort to enter the door, you will die. Head earlier up the stairs, and cross the bridge. As you cross, an additional knight will certainly rush you. Death him, and look to your right. There will certainly be 2 knights increase on a roof that you deserve to take out v your crossbow.

Head throughout the bridge, but do not jump down yet. Look at to her left, and also kill the items by the mist door. There is also another knight ideal underneath the end of the bridge. Once you fall down, there’s a vast archer knight off to the right.

Once the article is dead, look over the edge come your ideal to watch an arch (leading right into the building under the 2 knights girlfriend shot native the bridge). Jump end to here, and check the corpse on the stairs because that a Petrified Dragon Bone.

Head right into the arch and also up the stairs. Head increase the ladder, and also use the Pharros’ Contraption top top the roof to create a water pool. You deserve to now drop down the side to wherein the big archer was. Head towards the mist door, and look down to the left. Drop down to the communication below, and immediately revolve as there’s a knight behind you.

Pull the nearby lever to drop the various other side the the bridge, and also then drop down on to the stairs. Climb up the stairs, and activate the wheel in ~ the top. This will turn off the fire within the building. Drop ago down to wherein the bar was, and open the door right into the central building. In the edge is a big Titanite Shard and a Petrified Dragon Bone.

Head the end the various other side and also back throughout the bridge to the mist door. If you’re not human, consume a human being Effigy now.

Near the mist door, you’ll find a summon authorize for Lucatiel (this struggle is also an excellent place to put your summon authorize down together a lot of of world have trouble v this boss.). Summon her to sign up with you. Ideally, you have to wait for a second summon sign before entering as the following boss is tough. As formerly – Lucatiel must survive this fight. If she dies, friend must allow yourself to dice as well, and also then shot again.


The Smelter Demon is serious tough. He access time hard and also doesn’t take much damage. You deserve to dodge many of his sword attacks easily by continuing to be close to his left, yet be really wary that his jumping slam and also the firey explosion he follows it up with. You can also try kiting and also crossbowing, yet chances space Lucatiel will get ruined long prior to you can gain the Smelter down.

Very occasionally, he will certainly stab his sword into the floor and let out a large firey explosion native his stomach – run away indigenous this together it’s an extremely powerful. After a while, he will certainly plunge his sword right into his own stomach, which add to fire damages to all of his attacks.

Technically, it’s possible to bypass the Smelter Demon, however we really should be killing it together this enables Maughlin to offer some really special armour that us need later on on.

For best results, use magical damage to your hammer (aromatic ooze), equip the Drangelic Shield (which is probably the greatest fire resistance shield you currently have), and equip the highest possible fire resistance armor you have – the knights in this area autumn the Alonne Knight set which has an excellent fire resistance, so you can always farm the area in the expect of gaining the drops.

If you’re lucky enough to have any Orange Burrs top top you, they are additionally worth using. Prior to entering the fight, head ago up come the Pharros’ Contraption, and roll in the swimming pool of water. This will also carry out extra fire resistance when fighting the Smelter Demon.

Once you defeat it, girlfriend will receive the Smelter Demon soul which have the right to be consumed. Head up the stairs on the various other side of the room to discover the following bonfire. Girlfriend probably have loads of souls by now so head back to Majula.


Firstly, go and see Maughlin, that will currently be marketing the Smelter Demon armour set. Purchase the Smelter Demon helm and gauntlets. Not only do lock look cool, they also have near-unbeatable as whole attributes. Level up through your staying souls, and head to the steel Keep.

Iron Keep

Do no go ago down the stairs – the Pursuer has actually taken up residence in the room below, and there’s just no require for that. Open up the door next to the bonfire, and head through. Death the items outside, and also look into the door ~ above the right.

Here you’ll see two knights and also a turtle. Bait the two knights v your crossbow, climate head in. Together you approach, the tortoise will begin slamming the floor till it falls through. Jump over the hole, and also kill the tortoise – if you’re quick, you have the right to kill him before he knocks the floor through.

Continue on into the next room, and also a knight will certainly rush under to take you on. Kill it, and use the lever nearby. This will lower one knight right into the lava and cause one archer to appear. Usage the adjacent stairs come hide behind and also kill the archer v your crossbow.

Use the door to her left, and also insert a lockstone right into the Pharros’ Contraption. Smash v the highlighted wall, and head up the ladder. The chest up here contains a Thunder Quartz Ring +1 i beg your pardon reduces lightning damage.

Turn approximately for a bonfire. Drop down and light it. Climb the ladder, and also speak with the guy sat come the best of the mist door till he asks you to sign up with the Bell keeper covenant. Speak no, and also you will certainly still unlock:

Clangorous CovenantDiscover the clangorous covenant


1 guide

You will instantly be struck by dark spirits. As soon as the first two space dead, look roughly to the ideal of the door to find a summon sign for Drifter Swordsman Aidel. Summon him, and clear the area of spirits. In the much right edge are two doors. Enter the door on the right, and also pull the bar to ring the bells, then get in the door top top the left to rise to the roof.

Kill the spirits along the roof, and also then head down into the far corner and kill the spirits under there as well. Enter the mist door, and open the chest for the “Immolation” spell. Head down the stairs, and also you’ll go back to the stole Keep.

Iron Keep

Before heading ago down, it’s possible to snipe quite a few enemies from up below with her crossbow, so do so before you go ago down the ladder. Head up the stairs and also kill the remaining enemies on the platforms.

Head follow me to the other side, avoiding the fire, and also enter the mist door. Over there is a knight instantly to her left, over you as you to walk in so it is in careful. Take the stairs under to the right and also through the arch.

In here, you’ll find a an extremely thin corridor and a turtle. You can either bait him out or simply kill that here. Be cautious as it have the right to be quite daunting to manoeuvre in together a chop place. Halfway down the corridor is a lever that functions the guillotine that’s blocking her way. Progressive this and head underneath. Roughly the next edge is another turtle, for this reason be an extremely careful not to be caught under the guillotine if you shot to operation away.

The following room has actually lots the fire. Wait because that the fire come go out momentarily, and then run in and also to the left. There is a ladder directly ahead of you, past the flames. Wait for your chance, and run come it. Climb up the ladder and also then up the following one together well. Right here you’ll find a bonfire (head to Majula to stock up on bolts and also level up if you wish).

Head increase the stairs, and also pull the bar to rotate off all of the fire in the Keep. Head earlier down the ladders, and leave v the door closest to the ladder. Death the turtle inside, and come ago to the previous room. Use a person effigy if you require to and summon Manhunter O’Harrah native the corner.

Head outside and down the roof. Head along the path to the mist door. This is another an excellent place to leaving a summon authorize to knife your sunshine medals. Once you’re ready, head with the mist door to challenge the Old stole King.

Old stole King


This guy is massive, and also you have a very small area to fight him from. Be an extremely careful the the holes approximately the platform. He has actually a pair of attacks. The will shot and slam his fist down on a player – prevent this, and also then begin hitting his hand.

He will sweep his hand throughout the communication trying come knock you right into the lava. He will also do the exact same with beams that fire, either from his head or his hands. It’s finest to evade his strikes rather 보다 to shot and tank them, yet again, it is in wary the the holes in the platform.

The beam of fire shoot from his hand is his many dangerous move. If this access time you, it will practically certainly knock you earlier into the lava. The beam is stationary; however, so dodge the end of the method as he’s about to fire it, and also you have to be safe.

Your best bet is to stay close to his body, prepared to dodge when he goes for an attack. Attack his hands after he has attacked, and, with O’Harrah constantly shoot from range, that shouldn’t be long prior to you take him down. Defeating him will award you with the Old steel King Soul, which deserve to be consumed.

Here"s a video clip from Youtube:

All credit for the video clip goes to quiet Storm.

Head around the side of the building, and also you’ll find another door. Open up the chest within for a Petrified Something, and then head under the stairs. Irradiate the bonfire, yet do not use it yet. This will certainly unlock:

You’ll notice a door previous the bonfire, yet there’s nothing we can do below yet. This leads to an altar that transports girlfriend to an additional area, yet we can’t accessibility it yet. Use the bonfire to go back to Majula. First, travel earlier to the an initial bonfire in the stole Keep. Overcome the bridge, and also enter the an initial room. You have the right to now choose up the Iron crucial from the corpse on the floor that offered to be spanned in fire. Currently travel back to Majula.


Do no level up. Head over to the pit in the centre of town, and also speak v Gilligan. Pay to collection up a ladder, and offer that 500 souls. Set up another ladder, and give him 3,500 souls. Collection up the final ladder by giving 12,000 souls. Head come the home opposite Gilligan and head inside. Speak to Sweet Shalquoir (the cat), and buy the Silvercat Ring because that 13,400 souls.

You can now invest anything you have left top top levelling up you yourself or her Blacksmith’s Hammer.

Equip the Silvercat Ring. Of the three ladders, head down the middle-length ladder (the one to the right of Gilligan), and you’ll soil on a wood platform. Look across the pit come find another wooden communication on the contrary wall.

Jump over to this, and then look down the right hand next of the platform. You’ll watch a rock ledge sticking out, leading right into a tunnel. Drop under to this, and head within to get in the dig of Saints.

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