Looking of the Orpheus Rig? Don’t concern we got you. Here are the locations.

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Destiny 2 – How to obtain Orpheus Rig

Orpheus Rig – Description

Orpheus Rig is an Exotic Leg Armor for the Hunter course in Destiny 2. It is just one of the best Exotics that you have the right to obtain for the Hunter class and it renders the height tree of Shadowswarm that a lot much better. Orpheus Rig is a need to have actually for human being that do Raids and also endgame tasks frequently. Especially after the Lunafactivity Boots nerf the usefullness of this Exotic has boosted also further


Intrinsic Perk

Uncanny Arrows – Provides ability power for each opponent tethered by Deadautumn anchors. Moebius Quiver has actually even more shots.

Wright here to find the Orpheus Rig

Lets me start by saying that the Orpheus Rig is a random drop and the drop chance is totally based on RNG. With that being said, tbelow are plenty of methods to farm for this Exotic. They are:

Exotic Engrams

Orpheus Rig has actually a possibility to drop from Exotic Engrams that drop randomly while doing PvE tasks. An Exotic Engram deserve to drop from any kind of resource. It deserve to come from a rank and also file adversary, an effective adversary or a boss. The more exotics you have actually in your repertoire book the much better your possibilities of getting the Orpheus Rig from an Exotic Engram will certainly get.

Nightautumn Ordeal

If you ask me the Nightloss Ordeal at the Master difficulty is probably among the finest places for farming Exotics best currently. The drop price is insane. Yes the runs can prove to be incredibly challenging if you are low level. But if you control to put together a great team of decent power level through the appropriate tools and equipment then you won’t even feel a point. And it everything goes appropriate then you would showered via exotic armor and weapons.


Nightloss Chests

The chests that generate after you eliminate the bosses of normal Nightfalls, also have a decent chance of dropping Exotics. Before the Shadowkeep upday when there was no such point as Nightfall Ordeal. I supplied to farm normal Nightfalls for exotics and the majority of the Exotics tools and also armor are from those Nightfall chests.


I don’t understand around others but I have actually gained the majority of Exotic equipment after completing a normal Quickplay complement inside Crucible. Now I don’t recognize whether Crucible has actually an increased chance of dropping exotics simply because it is PvP which suppose to be quite complex or not.

A few of my Exotics prefer the Astrocyte Verse or the Phoenix protocol which I fairesulted in acquire from PvE activities, dropped for me in Crucible.


The chests you gain at miscellaneous areas inside all the Raids or the rewards you gain after clearing encounters in Raids additionally have actually a substantial opportunity of dropping Exotic Gear. According to me, The Last Wish rhelp has been the the majority of rewarding among all the Raids in Destiny 2.


Xur, Agent of the Nine is a vendor in Destiny 2 who arrives eincredibly week at different locations. If you are brand-new to Destiny 2 then let me tell you that Xur is just one of the best source of obtaining Exotic weapons and armor in the game. Here are all the collection locations of Xur where he generally arrives:


Winding Cove – EDZBarge – Watcher’s Grave – NessusGiant’s Sauto – IOHangar – Tower (Social)The Rig – Titan

His Inventory usually is composed of an Exotic weapon, an Exotic Hunter armor, an Exotic Titan armor and an Exotic Warlock armor. You can purchase these Exotics with 27 Legendary shards.

He arrives eexceptionally Friday at 10 AM PT. You deserve to booknote couchsurfingcook.com as we short article his precise location eextremely week when he arrives.

Fated Engrams

Because we have actually talked about Xur, we have to additionally point out around the Fated Engrams he brings through him every week. A Fated Engram is like an Exotic Engram that you can buy from Xur through 97 Legendary Shards. It is the majority of Legendary Shards for someone who is new to the game. But for a guaranteed Exotic it is fairly worth it.You can buy 1 Fated Engram from each character which indicates you have the right to buy a total of 3 Fated Engrams eexceptionally week.

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Those are all the methods of obtaining the Orpheus Rig in Destiny 2.

If you think that this overview has assisted you then let us know in the comment section listed below. Wright here did you gain your Orpheus Rig? Let everybody understand via your comment. Happy Farming!