No city can prosper without the space to house its population, and also managing the real estate of a city in civilization 6 is key to building a strong empire.

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Civilization 6 Aqueduct
Civilization 6, the latest location in the long-running historical strategy, brings many transforms to the classic Civ formula. While staples like Wonders, Barbarians and City-States remain, Civilization players must now compete with weather, climate change, and many other brand-new challenges.

one of the most impactful mechanics that Civ 6 brings to the series is Housing, a score that steps a city"s capability to house its population without overcrowding. If a high real estate score doesn"t provide any specific bonuses, a city whose population nears, reaches, or over its Housing will certainly suffer progressively punishing development penalties. Large Civ 6 cities are abundant cities, so players who desire to prosper smoothly need to work to ensure that their real estate is sufficient, which have the right to be excellent in a variety of ways.

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The Waters of Life

Even prior to settling a city, players should think about its housing needs. Settling next to Fresh Water is best, together this starts with a +5 housing bonus, while settling next to the sea provides +3, and beside no water at all gives a just +2.

put a city without access to any kind of kind of water is practically never a great idea uneven the player is confident in their ability to quickly build an Aqueduct ar to affix the city facility to water or a mountain. This will counteract the real estate penalty that comes from not having fresh water available.

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civ 6 how countless cities

making Space

when a city has been settled, players have to strive to keep its real estate score above its population, in order to maintain healthy and balanced growth. Over there are many means to advanced the real estate score, most of which room unlocked v the an innovation and Civics trees:


Granary (Ancient Era): +2 real estate Barracks, Encampment (Ancient Era): +1 housing Lighthouse, harbor (Classical Era): +1 Housing, +3 if City center is nearby to Coast. University, Campus (Medieval Era): +1 real estate Sewers (Industrial Era): +2 housing


Aqueduct (Classical Era): Gives new Water bonus, or +2 real estate if the city already has new Water. Dam (Medieval Era): +3 Housing. neighborhood (Industrial Era): offers Housing based upon local Appeal, varying from +2 come +6.


Farm, Pasture, Plantation, Camp: provides +1 real estate for every two such Improvements. Seastead (Information Era): +2 Housing. distinctive Improvements: There are several worlds that have unique Improvements that give Housing.


Insulae (Classical Era): +1 housing in cities through 2 or an ext districts. civil Prestige (Medieval Era): established Governors through at least 2 Promotions administer +2 Housing. brand-new Deal (Modern Era): +4 housing in cities v 3 or more districts. Collectivism (Modern Era): +2 Housing.


good Bath (Ancient Era): +3 Housing. Hanging Gardens (Ancient Era): +2 Housing. holy place of Artemis (Ancient Era): +3 Housing. Angkor Wat (Medieval Era): +1 real estate in every cities.

In the early game, prior to production deserve to be focused on getting the much more valuable real estate buildings, it"s far better to focus on the improvements. The Farm, Pasture, Plantation, and also Camp are an excellent early resources of Housing, all that which should most most likely be boosted anyway for their resource bonuses. Together the game goes on, an ext production deserve to be invested on improving real estate without hindering early growth, to make sure that the cap continues to be ahead that the population.

Civilization 6 is obtainable for iOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PC, playstations 4, and Xbox One.