How to offer the girls date gifts in HuniePop 2 to make your life a small (or a lot) easier.

Whether you"re trying to brave the hardest challenge or just don"t want to shot all that tough in any kind of case, date gifts deserve to be a vast boon in HuniePop 2 and also are well-worth using.

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The video game doesn"t really describe how come to use date gifts, though, therefore you"re ~ above your own there uneven you"re reading a guide like this one.

You can buy date gifts from the keep using seeds, and also you deserve to tell which room specifically this sorts of presents at the top of the item description, together you have the right to see below.


HuniePop 2: how to Give day Gifts

Now that you"ve gained some top top hand, it"s time to make sure you deserve to use them. Prior to you initiate a date with the 2 lovely women you"re talking to, click on "Gifts."


In this screen, you"re able to equip both girl with presents you deserve to use end the course of her date. Your potential list is the column directly listed below their icons.

All you have to do is drag a date gift to a free slot and also it will be easily accessible for usage over the food of your date.


At the begin of your connection with a girl, you"ll only have the ability to equip one gift. As you enhance your relationship, you"ll be able to equip increase to 4 at a time.

Almost that these gifts have a sentiment cost, which room the teardrop-looking orbs when playing the key match-three section of the game. You"ll want to focus on them native time come time if you intended to use date gifts in action.

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Once a girl has enough Sentiment, you can swap come her and also use among the date gifts you"ve fitted her with. Straightforward peasy!

That"s all you must know about giving day gifts in HuniePop 2. If you haven"t ordered those unique outfit password up yet, girlfriend can gain HuniePop 2 outfit codes here.