Mesopithecus Amicufur is a quite curious herbivore which to be sighted in the late Miocene until the late Pliocene epoch.

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An ancestor to modern-day monkeys, the Mesopithecus is somewhat tiny like modern-day primates.

In the wild that keeps far from huge creatures to avoid obtaining stomped on, when foraging berry bushes top top the forest floor.

Being a curious creature, it will certainly slowly method humans however will flee if the feels threatened.

When tamed, it is a great pet come have, qualified of alerting that is owner or throwing fecal matter to those that pose a threat to it and its master.


Dossier Summary

The Mesopithecus is a little primate that normally eats forest berries turn off bushes and also other little plants.

Less aggressive 보다 its relative the Gigantopithecus, The Mesopithecus is really curious and also gets quite close to other creatures.

Curious and skittish the Mesopithicus operation away quickly when it feels threatened, making taming the a somewhat daunting task.

It is typically a residential pet quite than a worker contrasted to other tamed creatures however it deserve to warn your owner the dangers around it by yelling as it do the efforts to litter its feces at the threats.

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Throw Feces


The Mesopithecus can strike enemies by throw its feces in ~ them, slowing them in the procedure even once it’s on the shoulders of its owner.

Be mindful likewise as the Mesopithecus go this that depletes that is food stores, so make sure it has food in that is inventory.



Being able come slow adversaries by throwing its feces in ~ them, the Mesopithecus counts together a helpful disabler due to the slow-moving it reasons on enemies.


Items that room stored in the Mesopithecus’ inventory have actually a reduction in load by 50%.


The Mesopithicus is a good companion due to the fact that it have the right to warn that owner of dangers making it beneficial when walking around in unfamiliar territory.

How come Tame Mesopithicus?

You deserve to passively tame a mesopithecus by having its favourite food top top the last slot of her inventory.

It would be best to wear Ghillie Armor and approach it from behind to closely feed the to protect against startling it, resulting in it to run away.

Repeat the procedure until the taming bar is complete and afterwards, you deserve to place the Mesopithecus on your shoulder.



Basic Kibble

Other Food

VegetablesMejo BerriesOther Berries


Like the larger counterpart the Gigantopithecus, it can not wear a saddle yet it is capable of put on helmets the survivors use.



Like other mammals, the Mesopithecus can mate i beg your pardon will end up v the woman gestating and also later giving birth to a baby Mesopithecus.


Resources harvested From Mesopithecus Body

Raw MeatHide


Mesopithecus deserve to be discovered in thick tropical forests and usually can be viewed on the ground once it is picking berries.

Maps wherein there are Mesopithecus:

Mesopithecus generate Location:

The IslandThe CenterRagnarokExtinctionValguero

Mesopithecus generate Location:

The adhering to are spawn maps whereby the Mesopithecus deserve to be found

The Island:

The Center:




The Mesopithecus is a little monkey and just by that it is a cute pet to lug while exploring as well as its capacity of put on helmets.

These lover creatures may be a nuisance once wild but once tamed, they end up being a problem for enemies that try to get near you together the feces alone have the right to put them at a disadvantage.

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Not just will the owner of a Mesopithecus have a feces flinging pet yet they additionally have a great alarm for once threats may start to acquire too close.