Hello fellow summoners! today I would favor to share v you just how to knife LoL revolt points legitimately there is no filling out surveys. There will certainly be no riot allude generator shenanigens here.

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Method 1: GameKit.com

Game Kit is a company that permits you to earn points and redeem lytic gift cards by playing various other games. You earn points(PTS) by registering and also trying out new games with their website.


Here space the lot of game Kit point out you need to get the preferred amount of lytic points:

650 RP – 1918 Pts1380 RP – 3836 Pts1580 RP – 4254 Pts2800 RP – 7671 Pts4100 RP – 10635 Pts

Do the basic tasks that will certainly net you simple points.

20 pts – monitor Origen’s profile7 pts – log in to video game Kit daily20 pts – turn on desktop notifications5 pts – prize a forum inquiry in video game Kit

These alone will provide you 52 pts total. The rest of the points will need you inspect out various other games. They have actually a wide range of gamings for you to play, but mostly MMO games. You need to register a brand-new account the the video game you pick through game Kit.


Most of the games you register and also play will certainly net you 600+ pts. You have to register and play around 3 gamings or more to earn sufficient points because that 650 RP. Obviously, it will certainly take time to earn them, however it will certainly be worth it. All the gamings have a 3 step procedure to knife points. For this reason take advantage of that.

Method 2: creating on Hubpages.com

Now this isn’t something choose surveys wherein you will have the ability to get her cash once you complete some surveys. However, if you enjoy writing about video clip games or any type of of your hobbies, you deserve to make passive income to pay for her monthly budget for video games. The does take it a little bit of time to acquire it walk though.

You will also need to apply for an adsense account, i beg your pardon is the Google advertisement network the pays YouTubers and likewise any website that has actually google adsense banner ads.

In the median time, you need to start writing posts on Hubpages on assorted topics the you know. If you gain anime and also gaming, climate you need to write around those topics. As soon as you have around 10 posts going, girlfriend can apply for Google adsense. They will approve you if your writing is decent.

This is the lot I have actually earned over 4 years the pays for video clip game arsenal monthly.


It can not sound like a lot, but a $50-100/month passive earnings sounds an excellent since the video games girlfriend buy will technically be “free”.

Method 3: make YouTube Videos


If you have actually interest in creating and editing videos, then you deserve to do this to knife money and also subsequently pay because that your organization of Legends RP.

YouTube has actually a unique program called the YouTube partner Program. Anyone that uploads videos to their platform and also follow their content guidelines and policies will be able to earn money from their advertisement revenue system. Castle share advertisement revenue with you. Ns am not totally sure about the percentage, but it is right roughly the 50-60% mark.

As for exactly how much you have the right to earn for views create will count on just how much advertisers space willing come pay. One deserve to expect $0.50 come $1.50 every 1000 views. I personally average 33 cents per 1000 views, which is method under the average.

There are usually 3 species of videos you deserve to make:

Gameplay Videos – If girlfriend are an excellent at a details game, climate this is the method to go.Humorous Videos – functions well if you space funny.

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Tips/Guides – A great way to construct an audience ~ above a video game you enjoy.

Here space a couple of examples of good channels you have the right to model after: