If you want to survive in The Division"s operation down Manhattan, you"ll have to level up your agent through earning as lot XP as possible. Together your personality Level rises you have the right to equip much better weapons and also gear, which you"ll must take top top the tougher enemies you encounter together you explore further across the map, and giving you a far better chance of enduring the Dark ar alive. Follow this tips and also you"ll it is in making development towards the elusive level 30 cap in no time.

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This might sound obvious, however the biggest source of XP by far is from completing key story Missions. Float over one ~ above the map screen and also you"ll see the substantial rewards top top offer, as well as an alternative to increase the challenge - note that making the difficulty harder won"t rise the XP earned by finishing the Mission, however the higher level opponents you"ll face mean you"ll get more kill XP follow me the way. Friend can also replay previous goals from the map screen, and although friend won"t knife that lucrative reward on subsequent playthroughs it"s still worth doing to hoover increase plenty of death XP.

Security Service

When it pertains to upgrading your Base the Operations, you need to prioritise gaining the protection Wing up and running. As soon as you"ve rescued Captain Roy Benitez and activated his wing back at base, you"ll receive the Experienced Agent perk which grants a 10% increase to XP obtained from all activities, thus accelerating your level increase for the rest of the game. If girlfriend unlock the Armoury and Barracks upgrades you"ll additionally get the Combat Veteran perk for a 25% rise to XP acquired from accolades, yet as this costs a cool 1,500 security Wing offers in total it"ll it is in a while before this is possible.

Another an excellent source the XP is next Missions and also Encounters, and although Side goals tend come be an ext the more rewarding of the 2 you have to tackle one of two people of them if you"re happen nearby. To keep a decent supply of these side pursuits on the map, inspect in v the JTF Officer and also read the case Board anytime you get in a safe House, and also keep opened up extr Safe houses when you move into new areas for further sources.

As well together collecting a baseline level of XP because that killing enemies, you"ll receive extr rewards for nailing head shots, chaining a series of kills together and other displays of shooting prowess. Do your ideal to avoid acquiring downed or killed during skirmishes, together you"ll additionally receive bonuses getting through firefights without needing to be rescued or respawning.

Teaming up with various other players is a great way to boost your level fast, as much more enemies appear when friend tackle goals as a group and their challenge will it is in scaled up as necessary for an ext kill XP. Working together with one or more higher level player deserve to also aid you gain through tougher Missions earlier than you"d be able to on her own, enabling you to access those sweet XP Mission rewards. If girlfriend don"t have any friends obtainable online to assist out, psychic there"s always the matchmaking alternative to jump in with various other agents.

Gear Up

As well together affecting her Firearms, Stamina and Electronics levels, the gear you equip has added attributes to enhance your various other stats. One of the Minor features that deserve to be fastened to gear is raised Kill XP, therefore if you prioritise equipping as many items as you can with this feature you can give your XP earning rate a serious hike.

Helping Hand

As you"re walking the roadways of Manhattan, keep an eye the end for passers by who are automatically scanned ~ above your display as you get near them. These Civilians in require will ask for supplies, and also if you deserve to afford to preventive a Soda or energy Bar (you"ve got plenty to spare, right?) then a small XP bonus will certainly be your reward. It"s not much, but do that often and also it soon adds up.

Between event Reports, phone Recordings, ECHOs and more, there are a huge variety of collectible items to track down. Again, the separation, personal, instance rewards space modest, however with virtually 300 pieces of Intel in complete you have the right to make some severe XP gains by grabbing as many as possible. If you"re struggling come spot any type of of lock then examine out ours Intel Collectibles location overview for help.

Check your Stats

If you"ve been following the tips listed in this guide you need to have given your XP earning price a far-ranging boost, and also there"s an easy method to see exactly how much effect your actions have had. Head to the perform menu, then tab over to the character page and scroll down to the last Exploration category - right here you have the right to see the portion of added XP you"ll get for killing enemies and getting headshots, so check it routinely to for sure you"re obtaining the greatest increase possible.

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