How have the right to you stop display tearing without V-Sync? screen tearing is an irritating concern you may have actually encountered if gaming. It deserve to be extremely distracting and can destroy the suffer of gaming. Girlfriend may have actually been recommended to shot V Sync to fix display tearing, however V Sync has actually its downsides.

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How else can you fix display screen tearing?

We have a couple of solutions you can try to stop display tearing without V Sync. Commonly recommended are Nvidia G Sync or AMD totally free Sync and also Nvidia quick Sync or AMD enhanced Sync, but an additional solution, if you have actually an Nvidia graphic card, is the third-party device NVIDIA file Inspector.

If friend don’t want to tinker around with this options, over there is always the option to purchase a brand-new monitor v a greater refresh rate. Any of these alternatives should eliminate any type of screen tearing, so the choice is yours i m sorry you favor to try.

Why Does display Tearing Happen?

Screen tearing happens once your graphics card and monitor fall out of sync v each other, bring about the top component of her monitor reflecting one frame while the bottom component shows a various frame.


You can find a download for the latest version of Nvidia file Inspector by trying to find “Nvidia file Inspector” ~ above Google. because it is a third-party tool, beware of where you are downloading and install it from. We recommend utilizing Softpedia. Once on the Nvidia file Inspector web page on Softpedia, role down until you check out the blue “Download” button. Pick it and wait because that the record to download onto her PC.

Once you’ve downloaded the file, double click top top it and it need to open the folder with your download. Within the folder will certainly be a couple of files. Select “nvidiainspector.exe”. The Nvidia Inspector should pop up together a small window.

In the center of the Nvidia Inspector, you will check out a classification called “Driver Version” v a box filled out v your driver variation information. Come the ideal of this, over there is a little button referred to as “Start profile Inspector”. pick this button and a brand-new window have to pop up.

On this brand-new window, under “2 – Sync and Refresh”, you’ll discover the choice “Frame price Limiter” through a dropdown food selection of many feasible frame rates to choose from. Currently it’s important to remember your monitor’s update rate. Girlfriend will need to choose a framework rate which is slightly smaller sized than you monitor’s refresh price to prevent screen tearing.

For example, if your monitor’s refresh rate is 60 Hz, in the frame Rate Limiter, friend should pick a frame rate slightly much less than 60, such as 58.6 fps. Currently up in the top right corner pick the “Apply Changes” button and also you have the right to close the home windows for file Inspector.

From here, you can open increase a game and also see if the display screen tearing has actually resolved!

Solution 4: purchase a brand-new Monitor

If you don’t feel favor trying any kind of of the over methods, the last option we will cite for fixing display tearing is just buying a new monitor v a greater refresh rate. This is no the preferable method, especially if you room otherwise happy v your setup. Yes sir no factor to buy a brand-new monitor just because of display screen tearing, together you may be wasting one otherwise sensible monitor the suits her purposes.

With the said, if you have actually been wanting a new monitor for a while, it might be time to invest in one through a greater refresh rate. If you’re doing numerous gaming, you may have found other concerns with having actually a monitor through a lower refresh rate that makes your gaming experience much less than optimal.

There room many alternatives for monitors through super high refresh prices out top top the industry today, through some even going together high as 360 Hz. However, this is most likely excessive even for the most hardcore gamers. Monitors v refresh prices of 120 Hz or even as little as 75 Hz can certainly boost your worry of display tearing.


We’ve presented some various choices to prevent display screen tearing without having to use V-Sync. Overall, if you have actually an Nvidia GPU, us recommend make the efforts Nvidia file Inspector, otherwise, give Enhanced Sync a try.

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All that these solutions will effectively remove display tearing if gaming but may come with their own tiny downsides such as slight lagging. At some point it is up to you to decision which systems works finest for girlfriend to produce a better gaming experience.