1) You can delete a details response if needed (by right clicking on the approved icon, click to "Reject" and then appropriate click again and press “delete”).

2) friend can likewise remove the larger responses in bulk by walking to form responses, climate mouseover Form Actions and also click come Delete old Responses.

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This will certainly let you delete multiple responses in a couple of clicks.

Ability to delete plenty of responses in batchAbility to use the present filter (e.g. Delete all responses native one member) 


If you room using the Free or Standard subscription, the is only possible to delete responses that room older than 30 days.On Advanced and also Premium subscriptions - any responses deserve to be deleted.

Undeleting Responses #

Yes, we understand undelete is not a actual word!

But in an effort to aid you along, let’s simply agree it means to retrieve data you have actually deleted.

If friend delete any response, that solution is kept within the device for one more 14 days. This is a protection measure to assist clients that have actually removed responses by accident. We have received a the majority of requests in the previous from swarm Forms client requesting your data to it is in undeleted.

You have the right to see your deleted responses if you amend the filter top top the responses page and also tick the “Deleted” checkbox, then press filter.


Then when you check out the solution you want to undelete, right click on the bin icon and choose "Approve".

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After 14 days, any type of data you have actually deleted is permanently removed and there is no way we deserve to retrieve this data after the 14 day period. 

We store the deleted forms for 14 days, yet there is at this time no method you can access these deleted forms. In situation of error, If you want to undelete a kind that you have actually accidentally eliminated within this 14 job period, just send united state a support request through the name that the form and we deserve to undelete it because that you.