Money shot, cumshot, facial, every little thing you desire to speak to it – that the act of a male ejaculating on your face. The idea can be a bit intimidating (we’ve every heard fear stories around someone finishing up v semen in your eye) but it’s a fantasy that countless want to try for themselves. It’s simply kinky enough to feel naughty, yet still commonplace enough that friend won’t feeling awkward discussing the prospect with your partner.

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“I’m really into visual stimuli, so actually acquiring to see myself cum is a substantial turn-on. The added bonus of having her be into it too is just, oh my god. One of the ideal things ever.” (Male, age 21)


Working Your way Up come It

If she comfortable going directly for it, you go girl! however if you a gal who’s an ext nervous, shy, or just unsure if a facial is other you’re right into – sell your guy one more place to end up instead, and advancement at your own pace to a full-on facefull. If he’s never ever came on her body before (and even if the has), he’s going to be excited and also happy no issue where friend suggest! You have the right to start the end by questioning him to end up on her thighs, stomach, breasts, or almost everywhere else if you’re not okay through it happening on her face. If that an experience you both enjoy, try something a little much more risqué during your next encounter.


While it’s Happening

Verbalize. “I want you to cum on my face.” nothing is going come sound hot to your honey than hearing exactly how much you desire it. If you okay through the possibility of semen in her mouth, keep your mouth open. If it is something you’d rather avoid, laugh at your companion to show that you enjoy what’s happening. The probably best to close your eyes, however if you’re a visual type of gal, save them open at your very own risk. If you not utilizing your hand on her partner, feel complimentary to play with yourself instead.


After the Fact

Wipe or wash your face, usage moist towlettes, have a shower – perform what you gotta do to freshen up. It is in a lady around it though, yes no should act disgusted. Even if the sensation is uncomfortable to you, you’re walking to end up offending her hookup if you do a display out of exactly how gross the is. If you don’t have an easily easily accessible bathroom, prepare beforehand and also have something within with for yourself to wipe off with, therefore you’re not scrambling later; simply a Kleenex may not cut it for you. (But do have Kleenex handy, in the event that you finish up with any in her nose and also need to punch it out!) If it ends up in her hair, you will do it probably need to shower.

Looking because that a wipe come clean up? we recommend this one through Aneros!

Slutty Girl agree Tip: Wash your confront with cold water quite than hot, for easier cleanup. Warm water reacts through the proteins found in semen and also causes it to solidify slightly and become more daunting to remove.

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What to Do when It it s okay in your Eyes

The easiest method to prevent an eyeful that semen is to just keep your eyes closed and also clean far anything in the general vicinity of her eyes before opening them again. Other methods to stop this ache fate can be by wearing glasses (as opposed to contacts) or through “aiming” only on the lower half of your face. And also for the love the all things slutty, ask your partner to warning you once he’s close! but if for whatever reason, the unthinkable happens, here’s what to do:

Wipe away the semen through a wet washcloth and flush your eye with water (don’t forget to take out contacts first). Turn your eye together you do the washing up it come ensure the all residue is removed.If you have actually saline or eye-drops available, bathe her eye because that slight relief from the stinging sensation, and also for additional sanitation.Get tested because that STIs at your earliest convenience. Although infection is unlikely, the is still possible. Your eyes space a rubber membrane similar to your vul are, so a virus can enter your body and cause an infection.


Despite having actually issued all this advice though, the best tip is to not overthink it. That a pretty basic act as soon as it comes under to it; just let the happen and also have fun!

How perform you feel around facials? super hot, not right into it at all, or simply meh? permit us know in the comments!