Do you have a Wii U agree Controller and also want to attach it to PC? There might be plenty of Wii U pro Controller PC guides online and also you don"t recognize which one is useful. In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard offers 2 methods to you.

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About Wii U agree Controller

Wii U is a home video game console introduced by Nintendo ~ the Wii. The is the successor model that the Wii. That was an initial announced ~ above June 7, 2011 and also launched ~ above December 8, 2012. It is the an initial home game console in Nintendo"s background that supports 1080p resolution.

However, Nintendo announced in November 2016 that it would certainly discontinue the production of Wii U consoles in Japan, and on January 31, 2017, announced the it would certainly officially discontinue Wii U worldwide. To regulate Wii U consoles, Wii U GamePad is the finest choice, yet this console also supports Wii U pro controller.


Can Wii U pro controller be offered on PC? Nowadays, an ext and much more people want to use controllers top top PC. If you have actually a Wii U pro controller, girlfriend may likewise want to use it on her PC.

How to affix Wii U pro Controller to PC

To usage Wii U agree Controller PC, you must know exactly how to connect Wii U agree Controller come PC. There are two methods for you:

Buy a Mayflash adapter come play any type of 360 gamepad-supported PC video game using her Wii U pro controller.Purchase a bluetooth adapter to affix your Wii U pro controller come the computer to act as a generic pc gamepad. If your computer have integrated Bluetooth device, girlfriend don"t have to buy the adapter.

The very first option offers better gaming experience. But some civilization may choose to shot the second option, especially if their pcs have integrated Bluetooth device. How do I use my Wii U agree controller on computer wired?

There are many ways because that you. Yet to use them, you need to install Toshiba Bluetooth ridge (http://www.smoothboard.net/wiiremoteplus/). Please keep in mind that this software only uses 30-day trial period if your pc is no a Toshiba PC.

Note: Many world recommend uninstalling the Microsoft built-in Bluetooth driver and also install Toshiba Bluetooth Stack, due to the fact that the last offers an ext powerful functions.

When i search digital to find how to connect Wii U agree Controller to computer wirelessly, I uncover most human being recommend the adhering to two programs: Wii U pro Controller and WiinUSoft. You have the right to download them from GitHub platform: https://github.com/KeyPuncher/WiinUPro/releases.

As for how to use them, you have the right to refer to the following post:

https://www.reddit.com/r/wiiu/comments/3bzdx0/wii_u_pro_controller_as_xbox_controller_on/ (this post is the overview for WiinUSoft.)https://gbatemp.net/threads/wii-u-pro-controller-to-pc-program-release.343159/ (this short article offers recent Wii U agree Controller software and the overview in the readme file.)

Setting WiinUSoft may be much more complicated. It appears that the Wii U pro Controller computer software is simpler. You just need come uninstall Microsoft Bluetooth Radio, install Toshiba Bluetooth Stack, connect Wii U pro Controller come Bluetooth, and then operation the Wii U pro Controller pc software.

If you desire to attach Wii U pro Controller to PC, select one the them follow to her needs.



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