Hello guys, in today’s write-up I’d prefer to go more indept and also answer the inquiry how tall perform you must be come dunk?

If you enjoy basketball, particularly professional basketball, you’ve viewed them dunk. The looks cool and easy. You can think – Yeah, sure, perhaps for lock it’s easy..

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. Especially for the players the are an extremely tall. You could even be starting to beat or have played for a while and also wondering if you’re capable of that. So just how tall do you must be to be able to dunk? What deserve to you perform if you’re “short”? must you give up expect of dunking if you’re no tall?

How Tall perform You need to Be come Dunk?

To dunk you need to jump approximately 35 inches, which is fairly a lot also in many professional feilds. However, plenty of others will case that in order to dunk comfortable you need to be approximately 6′ 4″. At least to be able to dunk reasonably easily. You still can if you’re shorter, yet it gets tremendously more challenging the shorter you are.

But don’t offer up, also if you’re no as tall together a experienced basketball player (most of us aren’t). There room things you deserve to do to boost your jump height, if you’re willing to put in a small (or even a lot) of effort. I’ll it is in discussing methods to measure her vertical jump, ways to boost this and just just how high you, specifically, will have to have the ability to jump come dunk, if that’s a goal of yours.


How have the right to I measure My jump Height?

Measure her standing reach:

Stand with your feet level on the groundReach together high together you can up a wallMark where you deserve to reach

Just since you’re tall doesn’t mean your arms space long and vice versa. The longer your reach, the less initiative you’ll have to use to have the ability to dunk. Almost half of NBA players have a with to elevation ratio of between 132-135% of your standing height.

Measure your vertical jump:

Mark your finger with a marker/chalk that’ll to wash off your wall or ice some record on it wherein you’ll it is in measuringJump and touch the wall surface at the highest suggest of her jump

Then simply simply measure up the distance in between your stand reach and jump and also this is your vertical run height.

How much More complicated Is It to Dunk as soon as You’re not Tall?

Measuring top top a range of 10:

5′ 3″ – 5′ 7″(9/10)5′ 8″ – 5′ 11″ (8/10)6′ – 6′ 4″ (6/10)6′ 4″ + (4/10)

As you can see, even an inch can drop or add 2 points in difficulty. If you’re 5′ 10″ and we assume your arm expectations is the very same as your standing height, her standing reach would be approximately 7′ 8″. Come dunk, you’d require a vertical run of about 34 inches.

At closer come 6 feet, this that course gets easier. You would need to jump 29 inches, based upon if your arm length is the exact same as her standing height.

Of course, this simply isn’t going come be feasible for everyone. This is a well over average jump, but still not impossible. An average jump is 16-20 inches for males and 12-16 inches for females. If you’ve been functioning at it and also are close, a running start will help (this can add up to a couple of inches).

How deserve to I boost My chances of Dunking/Vertical Jump?

Now the you know just how to measure her jump and how high you’d have to jump, we’ll look at at just how you have the right to increase your opportunities of gift able come dunk, even if you’re no tall. You’ll must train and also exercise your muscles. Mainly your legs and also your abs. While calf raises are crucial way to strengthen this muscles, you likewise should it is in training your larger muscle groups and upper body too. It’s good to differ your training routine. Here are some exercises that can help:

Calf raisesBikingHikingWalkingRunningAn elliptical machine

It’s likewise important to include stretching, strength training and plyometrics (box squats and squat jumps). The course, eating a healthy diet v protein will certainly be beneficial too. If you’re looking come play basketball professionally, it might be worthwhile come invest in a personal trainer or training regimen (this might be done online), also just to present you the proper kind for any exercises you could want come try.

If you’d like to try some exercises yourself at home, or just curious about what castle are, here’s some web links to tutorials because that calf raises, crate squats and also squat jumps..

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Calf raises (standing)

To execute a sit calf progressive (with dumbells):

Sit top top a chairHold her dumbells (you could additionally use water party or soup cans), so that they’re relaxing on your lapRaise her heels to contract your calves (you can use a block or publications if you have actually to)

Box Squat tutorial

Here’s a calf stretch the can help with chop muscles. Couch potato calf stretch: Sit ~ above the leaf of a couch through your feet level on the floor. With one leg, keeping your heel on the floor, lift and suggest the toes towards the ceiling, so that you feeling a big in her calf muscle. Organize for 30 seconds, then carry out the same with the other leg, three times every leg.

How lot Will These techniques Help?

There isn’t a concrete answer to this. This will rely on just how tall you are, her standing reach and how solid your muscle are. That course, some people are gene stronger and taller, yet training will help. I, unfortunately, can’t offer a guarantee as to how much…


So, to sum it up, gift 6 feet or end does make it simpler to jump higher, yet you don’t should be come dunk. While the simply might not be feasible for everyone and it is definitely easier because that taller people to dunk a basketball, it’s not difficult for people who aren’t tall. It likewise depends top top how solid you are and also your reach. You have the right to be “short” with a lengthy reach and also vice versa. So v some work (and luck) you just might be able to dunk. Or probably this short article just provided you an evaluation for how much training skilled athletes do…