Wig shopping have the right to evoke a melting pot of emotions: frustration, intrigue, confusion, elation, etc. Just like any new situation, inquiries inevitably arise. One large question: just how much carry out wigs cost? how much is too much? Or too little? and what specifically should you be in search of in a wig? Basically, it may feel favor a lot of of details to digest.

But never ever fear! think about your inquiries answered together we resolve some of the major price-affecting determinants you will come across during your wig purchase excursion.

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What affect the price of a Wig?

Wig price vary based upon several components such as hair type, lid style, and cap features. To give you a basic idea of price variances, wig expenses can variety anywhere from around $30 to countless dollars. Below is a an ext in-depth watch at various features the can influence the cost of a wig:

Hair Type

Wigs space made from a selection of various materials.

Hair length can also play a part in the price of a wig (especially if that is a person hair wig). Merely put, if the hair is longer, the wig is oftentimes an ext expensive.

Wig Cap

Wig caps and cap attributes greatly influence the price of a wig. The most straightforward cap types (classic and open caps) will certainly be much less expensive due to the fact that they are primarily machine-made. Monofilament, hand-tied, and also lace front hat all include to the as whole cost that a wig because they have hand-made elements.

Double monofilament wigs are comparable to monofilament wigs, yet they are softer and gentler against the scalp.

Tips that the Trade

As with many purchases in life, the old adage “You obtain what you pay for” additionally applies to wigs. For example, if you discover a wig with remi person hair and also a hand-tied cap with a lace front for $50.00, there’s a mighty large chance this wig might not be every it’s cracked up to be. A remi person hair wig (which is considered the divine grail of person hair wigs) can cost well over $700.00; add on a hand-tied cap and lace front, you might be looking in ~ paying well over $1,000.

Also, store wig equipment in mind when calculating your total cost. You will require shampoo, conditioner, and also styling products details to your wig (human hair or synthetic). Other assets needed include a wig stand, cap, and also comb.

One much more thing: wigs online space cheaper than wigs in stores. This is since wig shops have to raise the price of your wigs to accommodate the added cost that service. Always make certain to buy your wigs online!

In general, as soon as shopping because that a wig you must expect come pay:

What are My Payment Options?


Most service providers will require you to pay for your wig the end of pocket. However, if her insurance agency offers a discount or full coverage on the expense of a wig, girlfriend should be able to submit any necessary paperwork to her insurance company to obtain reimbursement. Be sure to call your insurance agency in breakthrough to verify the exact procedure they want you come follow.

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If you execute not have insurance, us recommend maintaining an eye the end for any kind of promotions or discounted shipping options offered through a wig retailer to help manage the cost of a wig. If girlfriend are currently unable come afford a wig due to financial strain, inspect out our blog short article here for much more details.