THERE are couple of machines that have actually introduced as much of a radical readjust to an market as man Deere’s round bale noodle harvester.

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White gold: The Australian cotton industry is booming thanks in no small part to this revolutionary round bale harvester.

THERE are few machines that have introduced as much of a radical change to an sector as man Deere’s ring bale noodle harvester.

It’s capability to develop round bales, or modules as they are dubbed in the industry, top top board and operate without having to avoid to unload has actually greatly lessened labour costs and increased productivity.

Costing approximately a whopping $1.2 million, which renders it among the many expensive ag machines obtainable in Australia, the CP690 replaces extr machines and also workers needed for the traditional rectangular bales.

These were created in a different press an equipment loaded with cotton moved from the harvester that would need to stop and also unload every time it was filled. There to be also additional people essential to handle this whole procedure including carrying the bales once couchsurfingcook.completed.


“During harvest it provided to be prefer a little village in ~ the finish of the field with bale builders, civilization with carts and other vehicles to run around,” states Bruce Vandersee that Queensland man Deere dealer Vanderfields, i m sorry sold almost all the new machines now operating in Australia.

“This to be the bottleneck in the process, yet now there’s a man in the cotton harvester and also he deserve to work top top his own.

“All the product goes into a ring module and also is wrapped in plastic film before it is dropped at the end of the field.”

The distinct wrap includes electronic sensors on to which information such as whereby the noodle was harvested deserve to be stored for supply-chain monitoring.

Each ring bale weighs 2.8 tonnes and also is capable of developing four standard cotton bales. Mr Vandersee says that in an excellent years Australia is qualified of creating four million cotton bales, i m sorry is a whole lot of cotton picking!

ENGINEThe CP690 cotton harvester is it is provided by a PowerTech PSX engine the produces 560hp (418kW) and 204 litres every minute that hydraulic flow to run the pickers and bale builder. Strength is moved to the wheels via a hydrostatic transmission.

COTTON ACCUMULATORThis is whereby the noodle is accumulated until over there is a full charge ready to go v to the round bale builder. When the bale is getting wrapped, cotton continues to be collected, an interpretation the device can operate without stopping.

ROUND BALE BUILDERRevolutionising cotton harvesting, the round bale builder works favor a ring hay baler through a series of belts rojo the cotton into shape. The 2.3m diameter bale is then extended in purpose-made plastic pave which consists of an electronic chip for record keeping.

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PICKING UNITSThe cotton plants space guided with vertical north that have actually spindles or fingers the brush the noodle from the stalks. The cotton is climate blown up into the accumulator. On the CP690, microwave sensors monitor the circulation of cotton throughout this part of the process.

WHEELS and TYRESThe CP690 has actually dual-drive wheels at the former of the an equipment with 520/85R42 radial cleat drive tyres designed for flotation in damp cotton fields. The behind steering wheel couchsurfingcook.come standard with IF23.1R34 tyres. Through the harvester weighing 32 tonnes, they have their work cut out for them!

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