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In various other words, 6,000 square meter is 0.97 time the size of The White House, and the size of The White house is 1 times the amount.
(Washington, DC) (including wings)Housing the presidency, the White house occupies 6 stories and also a full of 6,200 sq. M of floor space. This room includes 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 28 fireplaces, and also 3 elevators, as well as a tennis court, bowling alley, movie theater, jogging track, swim pool, and also putting green.
In other words, 6,000 square meter is 1.121240668 time the dimension of a soccer field, and also the dimension of a Football field is 0.8918691843 times that amount.
(American) (per NFL regulation)Per NFL rules, a football ar should measure 109.728 m (120 yards) lengthy by 48.768 m wide, for a complete area of 5,351.215104 sq. M. Because of a blizzard, the very first NFL playoff game in 1932 was held indoors in Chicago stadion (it was additionally the an initial indoor game) ~ above a field measuring simply 55 m by 40.0 m, because that a full area that 2,200 sq. M.
In other words, 6,000 square meters is 1.341 times the dimension of invoice Gates" Home, and the dimension of invoice Gates" residence is 0.7457 times that amount.
(Medina, Washington)One the the largest homes in the world, Bill and Melinda Gates" home has a total area the 4,474 sq. M, consisting of 7 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, 6 kitchens, 6 fireplaces, a 230 sq. M gym, a 90 sq. M dining room, and a 190 sq. M library. It to be designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, the very same architectural firm responsible because that the style of one of Apple Inc"s flagship stores on fifth Avenue in brand-new York City.
In various other words, 6,000 square meter is 0.74 time the dimension of The royal residence of Holyroodhouse, and also the dimension of The palace of Holyroodhouse is 1.4 times the amount.
(a.k.a. Holyrood Palace) (Royal Mile, Old Town, Edinburgh, Scotland, united Kingdom) (Palace there is no gardens)The palace of Holyroodhouse, the residence that the British monarch in Scotland, measures around 8,100 sq. M, top top a total grounds area of around 40,000 sq. M. Every year, the palace hosts a Garden Party, offer 8,000 guests from a 150-meter-long buffet table.
In various other words, 6,000 square meter is 0.74 times the dimension of Seal Island, and also the dimension of Seal Island is 1.4 times that amount.
(Western Cape province, south Africa)Seal Island, named for the tens of thousands of Cape fur Seals that live there, measures about 8,100 sq. M. The big number seals attract an excellent white sharks, that circle the island in a so-called "Ring that Death."
In other words, 6,000 square meter is 0.6 time the size of a City Block (Manhattan), and also the dimension of a City Block (Manhattan) is 2 times that amount.
(per Bridges, william - 1811 Commissioner"s arrangement for brand-new York City) (approximate)A Manhattan city block measures around 200 m in between the Northeast-Southwest roads by about 60 m between the Northwest-Southeast roads for a total area of around 10,000 sq. M. Over there are approximately 2,000 blocks in ~ the city, representing among the many prolific applications the the city planning grid arrangement in history.
In various other words, 6,000 square meters is 0.5 time the dimension of Trafalgar Square, and also the size of Trafalgar Square is 2 times the amount.

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(a.k.a. Charing Cross) (City that Westminster, London, England, unified Kingdom)Trafalgar Square, a publicly square in London, measures about 12,000 sq. M in full area. In ~ the facility of the Square is the 52 m Nelson"s tower monument, developed in the 1840s.
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