USS Oklahoma The USS Oklahoma, moored at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, was sunk through Japanese aircraft during the strike on Pearl Harbor. A full of 429 crewmen plank the USS Oklahoma were killed in the beforehand morning hrs of Dec. 7, 1941, after the ship quickly capsized native the countless torpedo hits.From December 1941 through June 1944, marine personnel recovered the stays of those who perished, interring lock in the Halawa and also Nu’uanu Cemeteries in Hawaii.The remains were disinterred by the American tombs Registration service from the 2 cemeteries in September 1947, and transferred to the central Identification activities at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. Just 35 men were figured out out the the 429 killed. Virtually 400 unidentified stays were hidden as Unknowns in 46 plots at the nationwide Memorial Cemetery the the Pacific, well-known as the Punchbowl, in Honolulu.In 2003, as a an outcome of the research initiatives of Pearl port survivor beam Emory, a solitary casket associated with the USS Oklahoma loss was disinterred. Anthropological and also DNA evidence have presented that stays are very commingled, through at the very least 95 people represented in the very first disinterred casket based upon mitochondrial DNA results, said Dr. Carrie Brown, DPAA Forensic Anthropologist and also USS Oklahoma Team Lead. That those, 5 were initially figured out following the disinterment: Fireman second Class Lawrence A. Boxrucker, of Dorchester, Wisconsin; Fireman third Class Gerald G. Lehman, of Hancock, Michigan; Machinist’s Mate 1st Class Charles H. Swanson, that Maywood, California; and Ens. Irvin A. R. Thompson, that Hudson County, brand-new Jersey; and also Ens. Eldon P. Wyman, of Portland, Oregon.In 2015, as component of the USS Oklahoma Project, the Defense POW/MIA audit Agency, v a partnership through the department of Veterans Affairs, exhumed every one of the unknown remains from the USS Oklahoma, and began the lengthy identification process. As of December 2017, DPAA made their 100th identification from the ship’s casualties.ALPHABETICAL list OF USS OKLAHOMA IDENTIFICATIONS: Seaman 1st Class Willard H. Aldridge, 20, of Sitka, KansasSeaman first Class Leon P. Arickx, 22, the Osage, IowaRadioman second Class Walter H. Backman, 22, the Wilton, phibìc DakotaElectrician’s Mate 3rd Class Cecil E. Barncord, 24, that Wilson Township, KansasNavy Radioman third Class Howard W. Bean, 27, the Everett, WashingtonNavy Fireman second Class James B. Boring, 21, the Vales Mill, OhioNavy chaos Attendant 1st Class Ralph M. Boudreaux, 20, of brand-new Orleans, LouisianaFireman second Class Lawrence A. Boxrucker, the Dorchester, Wisconsion (Disinterred in 2003)Navy Seaman 1st Class wilhelm G. Bruesewitz, 26, the Almena, Wisconsin Seaman first Class Murry R. Cargile, 21, that Robersonville, phibìc CarolinaMachinist’s Mate first Class Harold F. Carney, 23, of new Diggins, WisconsinFireman first Class Charles ray Casto, 20, of eastern Liverpool, OhioSeaman 2nd Class Floyd Clifford, 20, of Douglas, KansasSeaman 1st Class George A. Coke, 18, that Arlington, TexasPrivate first Class Alva J. Cremean, 21, that Pueblo, ColoradoNavy Fireman third Class Warren H. CrimFireman first Class Samuel W. Crowder, 35, the Louisville, KentuckyStorekeeper second Class glenn C. Cyriack, 20, the Pipestone County, MinnesotaNavy Seaman 2nd Class boy name V. DoyleSteward’s Mate first Class Cyril I. Dusset, 21, of brand-new Orleans, LouisianaStorekeeper 3rd Class Wallace E. Eakes, 22, that Caney, KansasEnsign john C. England, 20, the Alhambra, CaliforniaFireman first Class Lawrence H. Fecho, 20, of pasture City, phibìc DakotaEnsign william M. Finnegan, 44, the Bessmer, MichiganFireman 1st Class Michael Galajdik, 25, of Joliet, IllinoisFireman 2nd Class young name A. Gara, 20, the Chicago, IllinoisMarine Corps 2nd Lt. Harry H. Gaver, 24, of Annapolis, MarylandSeaman second Class George T. George, 26, the St. Louis, MissouriElectrician’s Mate 3rd Class George Harvey Gibson, 20, of Winchester, KansasRadioman second Class Quentin J. Gifford, 22, that Mankato, MinnesotaMachinist’s Mate first Class Arthur Glenn, 43, of fort Wayne, IndianaWarrant Officer Daryl H. Goggin, 34, that Everett, WashingtonSeaman first Class Clifford G. Goodwin, 24, of Marion Township, MissouriChief small Officer Duff Gordon, 52, the Hudson, WisconsinWater Tender 2nd Class Edgar D. Gross, 39, the Athens, AlabamaSeaman 2nd Class Vernon N. Grow, 25, that Redding, CaliforniaMarine Corps reserve Pvt. Ted Hall, 24, that Kansas City, MissouriShopfitter 3rd Class Francis L. Hannon, 20, that Madison County, IndianaChief petty Officer Albert E. Hayden, 44, that Mechanicsville, MarylandSeaman 2nd Class Harold L. Head, 20, of Browning, MissouriGunner’s Mate 2nd Class wilhelm Francis Hellstern, 20, the Peoria, IllinoisGunner’s Mate first Class George Herbert, 37, of autumn River, MassachusettsEnsign Joseph P. Hittorff, 25, the Collingswood, new JerseyChief Storekeeper Herbert J. Hoard, 36, the DeSoto, MissouriFireman third Class Kenneth L. Holm, 29, that Clarkfield, MinnesotaMarine Private first Class Robert Kimball Holmes, 19, the Salt Lake City, UtahFireman 3rd Class Edwin C. Hopkins, 19, of Keene, new HampshireFireman 3rd Class Glaydon I.C. Iverson, 24, of Emmons, MinnesotaSeaman second Class Challis R. James, 18, of brand-new Boston, OhioFireman 3rd Class Kenneth L. Jayne, 26, the Patchogue, new YorkSeaman first Class Joseph M. Johnson, 22, that Columbus, north DakotaFireman first Class Jim H. Johnston, 23, that Wesson, MississippiMachinist’s Mate first Class Fred M. Jones, 31, of north Lake, MichiganLt. Julian B. Jordan, 37, of Dawson, GeorgiaMarine Corps Pvt. Vernon P. Keaton, 18, the Lubbock, TexasFireman 1st Class william H. Kennedy, 24, that Titonka, IowaFireman 1st Class Elmer T. Kerestes, 22, of holding Township, MinnesotaCoxswain Verne F. Knipp, 22, of Salida, ColoradoMusician first Class Elliot D. Larsen, 25, that Monroe, UtahFireman third Class Gerald G. Lehman, of Hancock, Michigan (Disinterred in 2003)Fireman third Class john H. Lindsley, 22, Wuakegan, IllinoisFireman third Class Alfred E. Livingston, the Worthington, Indiana (Disinterred in 2007)Petty Officer first Class Vernon T. Luke, 43, of green Bay, WisconsinFire Controlman 2nd Class Donald R. McCloud, 21, the Wayne, West VirginiaMachinist’s Mate 1st Class Earl R. Melton, 24, that Lakewood, brand-new JerseySeaman 1st Class George E. Naegle, 22, the La Crosse, WisconsinFireman first Class Elmer D. Nail, 23, of Kansas City, MissouriFire Controlman 1st Class Paul A. Nash, 26, of Carlisle, IndianaElectrician’s Mate 3rd Class Don O. Neher, 28, that Kansas City, MissouriGunner’s Mate first Class Arthur C. Neuenschwander, 33, the Fessenden, phibìc DakotaFireman 1st Class candid E. Nicoles, 24, that Eau Claire, WisconsinSignalman 3rd Class Charles E. Nix, 26, the Danville, IllinoisFireman 1st Class Charles R. Ogle, 20, that Goedsbery Township, MissouriSeaman 1st Class Camillus M. O’Grady, 19, of Saline County, KansasStorekeeper third Class Eli Olsen, 23, the Audubon, IowaFireman first Class Millard Pace, 24, that Vanndale, ArkansasSeaman 2nd Class Dale F. Pearce, 21, that Dennis, KansasSeaman second Class James N. Phipps, 24, that Rainier, OregonFireman 1st Class Gerald H. Pirtle, 19, of El Dorado, KansasSeaman second Class Rudolph V. Piskuran, 19, of Elyria, OhioSeaman 1st Class Herbert Joseph Poindexter, Jr., 24, the Jacksonville, FloridaFire Controlman 3rd Class Robert L. Pribble, 19, of St. Petersburg, FloridaEnsign Lewis B. Pride, Jr., 23, the Madisonville, KentuckySeaman 1st Class Paul S. Raimond, 20, the Converse, LouisianaWater Tender 2nd Class Porter L. Rich, 27, of Lake Preston, southern DakotaSeaman 1st Class Harold W. Roesch, 25, of Rockford, IllinoisFireman first Class Walter B. Rogers, 22, that Bison, south DakotaYeoman 3rd Class Edmund T. Ryan, 21, of Wilbraham, MassachusettsSeaman 1st Class john E. Savidge, 20, the Elisabeth, brand-new JerseyLt. J.g. Aloysius H. Schmitt, 32, of St. Lucas, IowaPharmacist’s Mate first Class man H. Schoonover, 39, of harbor Edwards, WisconsinFireman 1st Class Chester Seaton, 20, that Tacoma, WashingtonEnsign Verdi D. Sederstrom, 25, the Montevideo, MinnesotaSeaman 1st Class Edward F. Slapikas, 26, of Wanamie, PennsylvaniaWater Tender first Class Walter H. Sollie, 37, that Myrtlewood, AlabamaEnsign Lewis S. Stockdale, 27, the Anaconda, MontanaSeaman 1st Class Milton R. Surratt, 21, of Greenville, south CarolinaMachinist’s Mate 1st Class Charles H. Swanson, of Maywood, California (Disinterred in 2003)Seaman 1st Class Robert M. Temple, 19, of Des Moines, IowaFireman first Class Charles W. Thompson, 19, that Weaubleau, MissouriEnsign Irvin A.R. Thompson, that Hudson County, brand-new Jersey (Disinterred in 2003)Ensign william M. Thompson, 21, that Summit, new JerseyNavy Seaman second Class Richard J. Thomson, 19, of organization City, TexasNavy Fireman second Class Lowell Earl Valley, 19, the Ontonagon, MichiganAviation Machinist"s Mate second Class Durell Wade, 24, of Bentley, MississippiSeaman 2nd Class Lewis L. Wagoner, 20, of Douglass County, MissouriFireman 3rd Class Robert N. Walkowiak, 20, of Oshkosh, WisconsinSeaman first Class wilhelm E. Welch, 18, the Springfield, OhioMachinist’s Mate 1st Class Alfred F. Wells, 32, the Syracuse, new YorkFireman second Class john D. Wheeler, 26, of fort Douglas, ArkansasSeaman 2nd Class George J. Wilcox, 19, of Byram, MississippiSeaman 2nd Class candid Wood, 25, of Jackson, OhioChief Water soft Paul R. Wright, 41, that Meadville, MissouriEnsign Eldon P.

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Wyman, that Portland, Oregon (Disinterred in 2003)Navy Seaman first Class Robert V. YoungSource: The Defense POW/MIA accountancy Agency