without deductions; total, together the quantity of sales, salary, profit, etc., prior to taking deductions because that expenses, taxes, or the favor (opposed come net): gun earnings;gross sales.

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Slang. Very objectionable, offensive, or disgusting: he wore one outfit that was absolutely gross.
to have, make, or earn together a full before any kind of deductions, as of taxes, expenses, etc.: The firm grossed over 3 million dollars critical year.
gross out, Slang. come disgust or offend, specifically by crude oil language or behavior. To shock or horrify.
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First tape-recorded in 1350–1400; middle English, indigenous Old French gros “large” (as noun, grosse “twelve dozen”), from late Latin gross(us) “thick, coarse”
groschen, gros de Londres, gros de Tours, grosgrain, gros point, gross, gross anatomy, gross residential product, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Woods

In the paper definition of finance and accounting, gross describes the total amount before any type of deductions, when net refers to the last amount that remains after deductions have actually been made.

Of course, gross and net are usual words with numerous other meanings, but these senses of gross and net are provided in the context of measuring other (especially money) that has been accumulated—profit, income, earnings, gains, etc.

The amount explained or described as gross is every little thing that has been bring away in, not bookkeeping for things like debts, deductions, and expenses. The amount described or described as net is just how much you have actually left after you’ve subtracted anything that doesn’t count toward profit, choose debts and expenses.

In other words, net is usually gross minus everything you fan or have actually spent. Because that this reason, net is always lower 보다 gross.

For example, stop say you decision to sell cupcakes at a roasted sale. You spend $15 top top ingredients, and also you need to rent a table because that $5, which amounts to $20 in expenses. Good news, you make $50 in cupcake sales. Your gross is $50. Minus the $20 in expenses, your net is $30. You can say friend grossed $50 and netted $30.

To psychic the difference, remember the a net sifts every little thing goes into it for this reason that just some remains.

Here’s an instance of gross and also net provided correctly in the exact same sentence.

Example: for this quarter, gross earnings was $2 million, yet $1.25 million in expenses and outstanding debts caused a net of only $750,000.

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Want to learn more? review the full break down of the difference in between gross and also net.