The type of clothing that you are air-drying deserve to either boost or decrease the moment it takes to air-dry your apparel. Below we put together a table with cloth types and also their typical drying times for indoor and also outdoor drying. 

The outdoor drying times below assume good weather (e.g. dry, sunny day through a breeze). Actual indoor and also outdoor drying times will certainly vary depending upon humidity, air circulation, how you’ve hung them, and so on

Type of FabricIndoor DryingOutdoor Drying
DenimUp to 24 hoursUp to 4 hours
SyntheticsUp to 5 hoursUp to 4 hours
SilkUp to 45 minutesAvoid Direct Sunlight 
Cotton ClothesUp to 8 hoursUp to 3 hours
UndergarmentsUp to 2 hoursAround 30 minutes
Wool24 hrs or even more (turn inside out halfmethod through)Avoid Direct Sunlight
Athletic/ Moisture WickingUp to 2 hoursAround 30 minutes
ComfortersUp to 24 hoursBetween 4-12 hours
TowelsUp to 24 hoursBetween 3-6 hours

Note: Some items will say, “stop straight sunlight.” This is because of the organic whitening effect that UV rays have actually on garments.

That should give you a turbulent idea of what to mean when air drying your garments. Now we’ll go right into even more detail for inside (and also then outside) drying.

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Indoor Air-Drying Tips


You deserve to absolutely dry clothes inside (we perform it all the time), but tright here are several procedures that will certainly aid you make certain the clothing are drying properly:

1. Hang Clothes Promptly

The leastern amount of time your clothes spfinish sitting after they have actually been washed, the higher chance you have of removing wrinkles with drying. After separating wet garments, you can either hang them up or lay the heavier clothes, choose wool, on a drying rack. 

2. Get the Air Flowing!

By pointing a fan at your clothes, or utilizing a ceiling fan, you have the right to simulate a breeze to help the drying procedure. Good ventilation is crucial once drying clothing indoors to save ameans mildew, mold, and to rate up drying times. 

3. Open a Window

By establishing your garments in a room that is well-ventilated, moisture is able to leave the clothes, and also your clothes will certainly dry quicker and also more totally. This is also essential for staying clear of mold, mildew, and bad smells.

4. Use Generous Spacing

Don’t fill your garments as well tightly together as soon as you hang them. Give those clothing room to breathe! This is especially important inside and also will certainly help your garments dry much better, and also more easily.

Outdoor Air-Drying Tips


If you’ve decided to hang your clothing external, then right here are a few tips that are especially necessary outdoors:

1. Check the Humidity

The type of weather that you are air-drying your garments in deserve to make a big distinction while it takes for your apparel to dry. Humid weather has a tendency to save apparel moist and slows dvery own the drying process. And remember, it deserve to be humid also once it’s sunny external.

2. If it’s Cold, be Patient

Clothes deserve to dry in cold weather, however it will certainly take much longer. If you live in a cold climate area, then it is best to air-dry clothes on a sunny day that has a organic breeze to help rate up drying times.

3. Place Your Clothes Strategically

Some clothing, like jeans, will certainly take much longer to dry and have to be put in a sunny area, to assist decrease the full drying time. Other garments, consisting of silk and wool, need to not be put right into direct sunlight as it will certainly cause the color to fade and also damages the clothes quicker. 

4. Use Generous Spacing

Yep – this is a big one for indoors and outdoors. You have to make sure tright here is sufficient space in between your clothes. If they are overlapping or also cshed together, it will slow-moving the drying time.

Now, if you’re in a rush, below are some tips you can use to get your clothes to dry faster.

Tips for Air-drying Clothes Faster


In addition to the indoor and also outdoor tips above, right here are a couple of extra tips that can aid you to acceleprice the drying of your garments if you’re really in a rush:

1. Prioritize Garments for Drying

If you have actually a couple of points that you must acquire dry ASAP, yet various other points that are much less urgent, think about offering the items you require dried quickly extran area and a prime area (e.g. in the sun/breeze).

Then your other clothes deserve to be hung even more tightly until your prioritized items are done drying. Be a bit careful with this approach, as you don’t desire to accidentally permit your non-prioritized apparel to entice mildew.

2. Wash in Smaller Batches

Comparable to suggest 1, if you have the forethshould setup your drying before washing (if you carry out, I’m impressed) then you can deliberately wash smaller batches to enable more space and also air flow for your smaller batch of clothes.

3. Use a Dehumidifier (Indoor Only)

This just uses to indoor drying. If your garments are drying gradually due to humidity, then take into consideration running a dehumidifier to aid mitigate the all at once humidity in the room. If you must acquire one, I’ve heard this one from Amazon is really excellent (*note: we obtain comgoals on Amazon sales).

One other prevalent problem that’s worth discussing, is how to protect against the dreaded clothes stiffness that deserve to take place through air drying. We’ll cover that next.

How to Avoid Stiff Clothes


Clothes deserve to become stiff after drying due to laundry detergent that hasn’t entirely been rinsed off. Several tips to help rerelocate leftover laundry detergent include:

Adding an additional rinse cycleUsing detergents that are free of included fragrances and also dyesRinging apparel well before hanging to dryWashing smaller loads

You might not have this worry, so feel complimentary to try drying your clothes without the over procedures.

However, if you do end up with stiff clothes, try the above tips to make your following batch better.

Benefits of Air-drying

Finally, if you’re on the fence around air drying, then enable me to suggest out a couple of of the benefits that air drying deserve to bring.

1. Prevents Static Cling

Static cling is developed when clothes rub against each various other in the dryer. This deserve to be quit altogether by air-drying your laundry, this also renders the use of dryer sheets unnecessary.

2. Can Give You a Fresh Scent

Depending on your place, a fresh hill scent or an evergreen tree scent is an included bonus of air-drying your clothes. This is particularly true outside, yet if you have actually a nice breeze coming through the home window, then you can gain it indoors also.

3. Reduces Wear and also Tear

Each time that garments is put into a dryer, tright here is a possibility of damaging the fabric. High heat reasons clothes to break dvery own over time, which can reason colors to fade, holes to appear, and fabric to feel thinner. 

Air-drying cuts dvery own on both the heat and also friction that garments must endure in the dryer. 

Tip: One means to tell if your clothes are wearing dvery own in the dryer is to check the amount of lint after each pack. A big amount of lint originates from the fibers that have separated from the garments.

4. Air-Drying Uses Less Energy

One of the finest components of air-drying your apparel is that it doesn’t should consume any kind of electrical energy. Saving Electricity states that you deserve to conserve over $100 a year by line drying your apparel if you perform 4 tons of laundry a week.

I recognize, that’s not a ton of money, but it’s something. More importantly, these energy savings make your weekly laundry regime better for the environment.

5. Can Act as Natural Bleach (Outdoor Only)

The UV rays from the sun deserve to have a natural whitening effect on clothing. This acts as a organic bleach for white and other light-colored clothes.

If you are making use of the sun to bleach your garments, it is crucial to lay apparel level wright here each piece is hit equally by the sunlight. Turning over the item halfmeans through the drying procedure can aid stop unalso whitening from arising.

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When deciding to air-dry your garments, there are several components that have the right to rate up or slow dvery own the process. But primarily, you have to be able to gain your garments dried in a day or much faster with the right problems.