Most Michigan residents have experienced ground freezing at some point in your life. Rather of go on a soft patch of grass, they discover themselves sliding around on a block of ice. Frozen ground deserve to lead come a number of structure repair problems if the is not appropriately dealt with. In this guide, we will talk about how and also why the ground freezes in Michigan and what you can do to safeguard your property.

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Why does The soil Freeze?

There is water in the soil around you. No matter where girlfriend live or what the climate is choose there, you have actually some kind of water in the ground. If sufficient of the water gets pooled with each other in frozen temperatures, the may reason the ground to freeze. This could kind a paper of ice on optimal of the soil, or that may type ice lenses underneath the surface. Ice cream lenses room thin sheets of ice that can totally shift a home or service if lock are big enough. Luckily, the sand in Michigan’s soil prevents huge sheets prefer that indigenous forming, so many homeowners perform not have to worry about massive damage as a result of ice lenses.

What type Of damage Can Frozen floor Create?

In some cases, frozen ground create nothing more than a trip-and-fall hazard for people passing by. In various other circumstances, the press from the ice can cause foundation cracks, roadway damage, elevated sidewalks, and more. As water freezes, that takes up much more space in a target area. Over there is quiet the same amount of water (frozen or liquid), but the form of the water alters when it turns right into a solid. The solid mound, often referred to as a frost heave, is what does damage to concrete and foundations.

How Cold walk It need to Be for The Ground to Freeze?

In general, the temperature should be below 32 degree Fahrenheit because that water to freeze. In the situation of ground freeze though, the temperatures must stay that low because that a an extensive period that time for the ice cream to completely for. Because that instance, if the temperatures are freezing at night but above freezing throughout the day, the ground may not freeze. The heat temperatures offer the creating ice sufficient time to melt and soak ago into the soil.

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Check out part 2 the our guide to learn just how to avoid ground freezing in your area and protect your residential or commercial property from winter structure damage.

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