You obtained a cantaloupe in storage for a few days already. That’s once you wonder: how long does cantaloupe last, and also exactly how to tell if it’s bad?

Or you’re a first-time buyer, and also you’re not rather sure if you have the right to leave this melon on the respond to, or must you refrigerate it.

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Either way, this article is for you. In it, we discuss:

storage time and practices (and also if you have to refrigeprice cantaloupe or not)exactly how to tell if your cantaloupe is ripeinforming whether yours is spoiled

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How Long Does Cantaloupe Last?

A entirety cantaloupe keeps for around 5 to 7 days at room temperature and also two to possibly three weeks in the fridge. If the fruit is not fully ripe, add an extra 5 to 10 days on the respond to. Once you reduced up the cantaloupe, it lasts around 4 to 5 days in the fridge.

While cantaloupe is one of the self-picking fruit (it starts to disconnect from the vine once it’s mature), it’s not constantly harvested ripe.

Cantaloupe melons intended for export are regularly cut from the plant beforehand so that they remain fairly firm and endure transportation in excellent shape ().

Due to the fact that of that, if you’re buying cantaloupe in the winter or it’s an import, it could not be fully ripe and also require a few days on the respond to to obtain to its best top quality.

Cutting cantaloupe
TipTo know if your cantaloupe was harvested ripe, inspect the stem finish. If it’s “dimpled,” it’s been harvested mature. If the woody stem is still attached (and also visible), the fruit has been cut off the vine.

Okay, currently it would be helpful to recognize if your cantaloupe has actually matured already, right?

Your cantaloupe is ripe and also ready to eat if():

the freduced end (not the stem end) is slightly softthe skin in between the netting turned from green to yellowthe fruit has actually a solid sweet aroma

If at least among the over is true, your cantaloupe is more than likely all set. If neither one is, let the fruit sit on the respond to until it’s ripe. It generally takes in between 5 to 10 days, depending upon how lengthy the specimales currently sat in the superindustry.


A ripe cantaloupe is sweeter and softer than an unripe one. If you’ve ever before eaten one that lacked sweetness or appeared rather firm, it probably wasn’t mature.

Diced cantaloupe

How To Store Cantaloupe

An unripe cantaloupe ripens finest on the respond to. Once it’s ripe, you deserve to leave it at room temperature or refrigeprice it, relying on when you plan on eating it. A cut-up cantaloupe requirements an airtight container or bag and also have to sit in the fridge.

If your cantaloupe isn’t ripe yet (read the section over if you’re not sure), put it on the respond to or in a fruit bowl until it ripens. Eating it unripe isn’t unsafe, yet its high quality won’t be that good.

Once the fruit is ripe, you have actually an option to make.

Leaving it on the respond to is okay if you understand you’re going to eat it within a pair of days. Plus, as melons tend to be fairly large, it doesn’t take priceless room in the fridge.

Cantaloupe fifty percent in a freezer bag
But if you don’t have actually any type of plans and assume you’re going to get to it “one day”, put it in the refrigerator.

It works the very same through other melons, e.g., honeydew or watermelon.


If you refrigerate a whole cantaloupe, area it in a sealed plastic bag. That will certainly prevent the fruit’s aroma from flavoring various other foods ().

Once you reduced up the fruit, seal it tightly in an airtight bag (if you’ve halved or quartered it) or a plastic container (if you’ve diced it).

If you only halved or quartered the fruit, don’t rerelocate the seeds. They will assist retain moisture for much longer ().

Diced cantaloupe in a plastic container

How To Tell If Cantaloupe Is Bad?

Discard cantaloupes that:

Feel light, hollow, or super soft.If the melon seems empty inside or the rind is soft, it’s shed many of its water and also it’s no good.Have huge bruises or discolored locations.You can reduced off some tiny damaged locations, yet if a fourth of the rind is brvery own, it’s time for it to go.Smell off.If the aroma isn’t sweet and also pleasant, yet quite sour or pungent, throw it out.Are reduced up and sit in storage for also long or are moldy.If your cantaloupe fifty percent sits in the fridge for prefer a week, it hregarding go. Same point if you deserve to see any type of indicators of mold in the container or bag.
A few of the points above aren’t reduced and also dried yet quite based on your judgment. For those, go through your gut.

If it tells you that cantaloupe is just slightly softer than usual and also perfectly fine otherwise, feel complimentary to eat it. But if the smell seems rather off and also you’d fairly not eat that fruit, it’s okay to thrash it.

Finally, if younotice that the rind starts to soften, the melon is going overripe, and also the ideal minute to carry out somepoint about that is now. You deserve to either eat it the very same day, or dice and also refrigeprice it, and also consume within a day or two tops.

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