When friend cook and also bake with duck eggs, you can enjoy a richness of flavor and also texture and also a generosity of sections that simply is not possible with any type of chicken eggs. Duck eggs room superior come chicken eggs in regards to flavor, texture and nutrition many thanks to reduced water content and greater fat and protein content. In this write-up we discuss not just how and also why you should select duck eggs end chicken eggs, but likewise how to keep fresh duck eggs; just how long do duck egg last; just how to tell if duck eggs space bad, etc. Read on to find out more.

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How lengthy Do Duck egg Last?How execute You use Duck Eggs?The Seven finest Duck Breeds because that Egg LayingHow many Ducks carry out You Need?

What room Duck egg Like?


Duck egg are large and great looking. A solitary duck egg is commonly the indistinguishable of one-and-a-half chicken eggs. Prefer chicken eggs, duck eggs deserve to come in a wide range of colors, depending upon the breed of the duck. You may see duck egg in shades of:


Another an excellent thing about duck egg is the they last longer than chicken eggs since their shells room thicker, and the inside membrane is stronger. This additionally makes them less likely to break accidentally, and also if you carry out crafts through eggshells (e.g. Christmas ornaments) blown duck eggs are big and strong and straightforward to job-related with.

The yolk that a duck egg is large, high and bright orange. The white is practically transparent. The generous yolk renders duck eggs much more nutritious 보다 chicken eggs.

Although they are greater in cholesterol and fat, it’s essential to keep in mind, the the good cholesterol and natural, nourishing fat.

Additionally, lock contain much more omega-3 fatty acids 보다 chicken egg and an ext protein, therefore they are terrific addition to the Paleo diet.

Duck egg are approximately thirty percent larger than chicken eggs and also contain larger quantities of omega-3 fat acids, proteins and also iron. They are superior come chicken eggs for baking because they imbue moisture and an unrivaled richness of flavor.

They room creamy, tasty and also nutritious, and if you room not pass out of heart, you may enjoy the expertise that maintaining ducks permits you to make great use of every the cost-free protein and nutrition the is obtainable around your property in the type of weeds and garden pests!

Are Duck egg Safe?

In regards to safety, duck egg are simply as safe to eat together chicken eggs. Once sold commercially, they are subject come the exact same USDA inspection and regulation together chicken, ostrich and also quail eggs.

Even so, prior to you decide to advanced ducks for eggs, invest in a purchased dozen to find out if they agree with you. Some people are allergic to them.

How To store Fresh Duck Eggs

You should keep duck egg fresh just as friend would keep chicken egg fresh. Collect them promptly after they room laid. Take them right in come the refrigerator. Wipe them turn off (don’t wash) and also store them in a bowl, carton or other container in her refrigerator.

How lengthy Do Duck eggs Last?

When kept continuously cool, duck eggs should stay fresh in your refrigerator because that as long as six weeks. Be certain not to wash the eggs prior to storing as this gets rid of the protective mucus coating from the covering which seals it and also keeps wait from permeating to the inside of the shell.

How to Spot Rotten Eggs

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How come Tell If Duck Eggs are Bad

Just similar to chicken eggs, you have the right to tell if a duck egg has actually gone bad by check to watch if it floats or sinks. Location eggs in water. If lock sink right to the bottom and also lie on their sides, they space fine.

If they stand on end, it means some gas has built up in one end, and the egg is going negative but can still be supplied for baking, make dog food, etc. If they float, they are bad and also should it is in tossed in the compost heap.

How execute You use Duck Eggs?

When it involves cooking, you deserve to use duck eggs specifically as girlfriend would use chicken eggs; although, in some instances you might want to make measurement and timing adjustments due to the fact that they space larger. For example, if you space boiling duck eggs, expand your normal cooking time through a pair of minutes.

Generally speaking, if a cooking recipes calls because that 3 chicken eggs, you can use 2 duck eggs. If it calls for 2 chicken eggs, just use the yolk the one duck egg. If it calls for 1 chicken egg, you may need to dual your recipe!

Chicken Egg Vs Duck Egg: A Comparison

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Ducks offer You more For her Money

If you save ducks to create eggs for sale, you will do it be happy to understand that they market for rather a bit more than chicken eggs. When it’s feasible to buy factory farmed chicken eggs for as tiny as a dissension or 2 a dozen, you can quickly sell cost-free range duck eggs for in between $6 and $12 a dozen.

It’s simply as easy to store ducks as egg layers as it is to keep chickens. Together a matter of fact, it might be also easier. Ducks are lot hardier than chickens. Castle are likewise quieter – specifically when you consider roosters! Additionally, duck are normally friendly. A rooster may come to be a real trouble in terms of attacking people and pets, however drakes are very easy-going.

Furthermore, duck hens commonly produce one egg a day every year round. This is a sharp comparison to chicken hens, which often tend to slack off egg production in the winter time and go broody (wanting come sit on and also hatch eggs quite than put them) relatively frequently.

Both chickens and also ducks reap having totally free range the your residential or commercial property to eat up pests, but ducks cover a lot much more territory 보다 chickens due to the fact that they’ll eat up water pests (e.g. Mosquito larvae) and also terrestrial pests.

The Seven best Duck Breeds because that Egg Laying


If you execute want to store ducks as egg layers, it’s crucial to pick the best breed. Those that room intended because that meat manufacturing are no usually great layers. Here are the top 7 selections in egg-laying ducks.

1. Khaki Campbell

Khaki Campbell ducks space quiet, unassuming ducks through drab khaki feathers. Their case to fame is the the hens can be counting on come lay an egg nearly every work in almost any climate. If you select to allow the eggs hatch, Khaki Campbell hens are likewise well-known together doting mothers. These ducks do finest when permitted to variety free.

2. Pekins

Pekins are excellent all-around ducks. They carry out not develop eggs together prodigiously as Khaki Campbells, and also they room not great mothers, yet they do dual duty together meat producers. If you desire ducks for both egg and meat production, large, adaptable, intelligent Pekins room a good choice.

3. Ancona

Ancona ducks lay around the same as Pekins (about 240 eggs annually). Favor Pekins, these large, good looking birds are also great meat birds. Rugged and resourceful, Anconas perform well running complimentary range. Lock are fantastic foragers, and also their huge size provides them some defense from attack by predators.

4. Indian Runners

Indian Runners are adaptable come a wide variety of climates. They space large, friendly and smart and also do well foraging freely. They were initially bred in China as herbal pest regulate for rice paddies.

They eat big numbers that bugs, snails, amphibians, reptiles and weeds. Indian runner hens will frequently lay around 300 egg annually.

5. Magpies

Magpies room small, friendly duck that room specifically bred because that egg production. A Magpie hen will lay about 300 pretty, vivid eggs a year. Eggshell colors variety from creamy white to miscellaneous shades the blue and also green.

These ducks room a great choice because that a small, backyard homestead because they are little in stature and they are quiet. They space not especially friendly, but they space pretty to look at and make a nice addition to your environment.

6. Welsh Harlequins

Welsh Harlequins room an excellent, huge heritage breed laying/meat duck. Hens are known for being great setters. Castle produce an extremely large, bright white eggs around 300 days out of the year. They space a Khaki Campbell cross, for this reason they room adaptable to a wide selection of climates.

7. Buff Orpingtons

Buff Orpingtons room another good choice if you desire ducks because that both meat and also egg production. They are large, friendly, quiet and adaptable and also lay approximately 250 egg annually. They get along fine with various other fowl and can live well in a big coop, totally free range or a combination of the two maintaining styles.

How tough Is it To store Ducks for Eggs?


If you already have chickens, it won’t take much to include ducks. It’s possible for castle to usage the same type of housing and eat the same form of feed (as lengthy as the feed is no medicated).

All you’ll must do is add a kiddy pool or pond for your ducks come enjoy, and make sure that lock have access to some complimentary range space. Duck are much more in need of gift able come ramble and also forage 보다 chickens.

If you need to choose in between ducks and also chickens, ducks are a far better choice 보다 chickens together egg great in a cold environment. They can be happy v a small, secure home to store out predators and a simple kiddy pool (with water adjusted daily) because that swimming and also drinking.

How countless Ducks execute You Need?

All birds choose to live in flocks, and also ducks room no exception. Though some people have bring away to maintaining solitary ducks together pets, this is never a good idea. A lone duck will become bored and also depressed and will be subject to a wide selection of health problems, which might manifest together failure to lay, amongst other things.

If you can only store a tiny flock that ducks, half a dozen is a an excellent number. If you don’t have the an are or facilities for this many, friend should have at the very least three.

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If you just want eggs and don’t desire ducklings, don’t bother with a drake. They room not crucial to egg production, and the hens will not miss having a drake around.