Ball pythons are notoriously picky eaters and are famous for going on “hunger strikes” (aka going for long durations without eating).

If your round python isn’t eating, you’re probably wondering how long can a ball python go without eating.

Today, we’re going to answer this widespread question and offer you a few tips and tricks on what to perform if your ball python isn’t eating.

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Adult round pythons can go without eating for approximately 6 months(while still preserving healthy and balanced body weight and also expansion rate). However before, somehave actually been well-known to refuse food for even much longer. Baby round pythons might alsorefuse to eat for some time, but commonly this is only safe for a month or so.


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WhyYour Ball Python May Not Want to EatWhatTo Do If Your Ball Python Won’t Eat

HowLong Can a Ball Python Go Without Eating

Ball pythons have the right to go without eating for about six to eight months,although in too much situations, they’ve been known to last for over a year withoutany kind of food.

In the wild, sphere pythons are regularly forced to go without eating for lengthy durations as a result of food scarcity.

Their body’s low power demands and also ability to save and also preserve calories make them well suited to food shortages in the wild.

Despite having actually a regular supply of food, it is not unwidespread for captive sphere pythons to go everywhere from 2-7 months without eating.

Often, hunger strikes take place in the time of the winter months and also are entirely normal.

Don’t be alarmed if your sphere python starts refmaking use of to eat throughout the winter.

Surprisingly, during these “hunger strikes” or times of food shortage, ball pythons typically maintain their weight and also also continue to grow.

However, it is important for you to carefully monitor your snake during starvation to ensure it maintains its weight and isn’t showing indications of various other health difficulties.

We’ll go into even more information on how to care for your round python in the time of a hunger strike.

HowDo Ball Pythons Survive Without Food For So Long

As pointed out before, round pythons in the wild are often compelled to endure without food for lengthy periods due to food supply scarcity.

For example, throughout the winter months, food resources may thrive scarce, or prey may be much less active, making hunting much even more difficult.

Because of this, round pythons have to have the ability to endure lengthy periods without eating.

Fortunately, the ball python is well suited to take care of the requirements of food scarcity.

Their bodies’ capacity to go without eating for months on end is a remarkable survival mechanism, ensuring they survive, also if hunting isn’t excellent for numerous months.

But just how do they regulate to go without eating for so long?

First off, ball pythons, favor many type of various other snakes, have exceptionally low power demands under normal situations.

Throughout starvation or hunger strikes, they can lower these demands also more by decreasing their metabolic rate.

Ball pythons have been known to decrease their metabolic price by approximately 70 percent during times of starvation. 

In enhancement to slowing their metabolic rate (the rate at which their body expends energy), sphere pythons are additionally extremely selective about which types of calories to burn first during starvation.

For instance, they frequently preserve their protein supply by burning selective fat stores first. 

HowLong Can a Baby Ball Python Go Without Eating

Like adult round pythons, it is not unprevalent for baby and juvenile round pythons to refusage food.

However, considering that baby sphere pythons are a lot smaller sized and also have less body fat to live on throughout starvation, they should frequently not go without eating for more than 2-4 weeks.

If your baby sphere python refsupplies to eat, the ideal point to execute is closely monitor it to identify if it is healthy.

If it is curious and also energetic (specifically throughout the warmer seasons), has actually healthy and balanced skin and also no damaged scales or blisters, has actually clear, bappropriate eyes, and also is regularly shedding and also in one finish action.

It many likely is healthy and balanced and also will begin eating quickly.

However, even if your baby sphere python appears healthy yet isrefusing to eat for more than four weeks, it’s ideal to take it into the vet fora vet visit.

HowOften Should You Feed Your Adult Ball Python

We understand how long sphere pythons can endure without food, but just bereason they can endure for long durations without food doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feed them routinely.

So exactly how regularly must you feed your pet round python?

Your snake will certainly recognize best when it involves just how regularly it needs to eat, however because it can’t verbally communicate this via you, you’ll should sell it food on a constant feeding schedule.

It’s best to feed adult sphere pythons when eexceptionally 10 to 14 days or eincredibly 1 to 2 weeks.

It might refusage to eat this often, yet still, proceed to sell at least eextremely 14 days till it accepts.

If your snake appears overweight, you might want to wait a little longer in in between feedings to aid proccasion excessive weight.

How can you tell if your snake is overweight?

Typical indicators of an overweight ball python encompass visible skin in between its scales, a round shape, rolls of fat near its head or cloaca, body segmentation, a soft, squishy body rather of a firm one, and also an abrupt adjust in its width from the tail to the vent. 

HowOften Should You Feed Your Baby Ball Python

Baby and juvenile sphere pythons are in the peak of their expansion duration, meaning they are using up a lot more energy and also growing faster than adult round pythons.

Because of this, they require more regular feedings than adult round pythons.

It’s best to offer your baby and juvenile ball pythons food once a week or eincredibly 5 to 6 days.

It might not eat this frequently, but continue to sell it food weekly.

Once it reaches two to 3 years of age, you most likely only should feed it every 10 to 14 days, however aacquire, let your snake’s appetite be your overview. 

WhyYour Ball Python May Not Want to Eat

Ball pythons might refuse to eat for various reasons, ranging from significant medical problems to straightforward things favor a change in temperature or shedding.

We’ll currently dive into some of the a lot of prevalent factors your ball python might not want to eat to help you much better identify why your ball python may be refusing food.

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Temperature Problems

One of the a lot of common reasons why round pythons refusage to eat is bereason they are also cold.

Ball pythons are aboriginal to equatorial climates.

Their bodies require warm temperatures of around 90° degrees Fahrenheit (32° C) to preserve their body warmth and correctly digest food.

Without enough heat (and also thereby the ability to properly digest their prey), your sphere python may refuse to eat.

If you live in a cooler climate or one via seasonal temperature drops, your snake may have actually trouble digesting and therefore refuse to eat.

Correct this temperature problem by attaching a warm lamp or light to the peak of your snake’s enclosure.