Ball pythons room notoriously stroller, stick eaters and also are famous for walking on “hunger strikes” (aka walk for long periods there is no eating).

If your ball python isn’t eating, you’re more than likely wondering how long deserve to a ball python walk without eating.

Today, we’re going to answer this typical question and give friend a couple of tips and also tricks ~ above what to execute if your ball python isn’t eating.

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Adult sphere pythons deserve to go without eating for roughly six months(while tho maintaining healthy body weight and also growth rate). However, somehave been recognized to refuse food for even longer. Baby sphere pythons might alsorefuse come eat for some time, yet typically this is only safe for a month or so.


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WhyYour round Python might Not desire to EatWhatTo carry out If Your sphere Python won’t Eat

HowLong can a round Python go Without Eating

Ball pythons deserve to go without eating for approximately six to eight months,although in extreme cases, they’ve been recognized to last because that over a year withoutany food.

In the wild, sphere pythons space often compelled to walk without eat for lengthy periods because of food scarcity.

Their body’s low energy demands and capability to store and preserve calories do them fine suited to food shortages in the wild.

Despite having a continual supply that food, it is not unusual for captive ball pythons to go all over from 2-7 month without eating.

Often, hunger strikes occur during the winter months and are fully normal.

Don’t be alarmed if your ball python beginning refusing come eat during the winter.

Surprisingly, throughout these “hunger strikes” or time of food shortage, ball pythons usually preserve their weight and even continue to grow.

However, the is essential for you to very closely monitor your snake during starvation come ensure it maintains the weight and also isn’t showing signs of other wellness problems.

We’ll walk into more detail on exactly how to treatment for your ball python throughout a hunger strike.

HowDo sphere Pythons survive Without Food for So Long

As mentioned before, ball pythons in the wild room often forced to make it through without food for lengthy periods as result of food supply scarcity.

For example, during the winter months, food resources may grow scarce, or prey may be less active, making hunting much more difficult.

Because the this, sphere pythons have actually to be able to survive lengthy periods there is no eating.

Fortunately, the ball python is fine suited to take care of the needs of food scarcity.

Their bodies’ capability to go without eating because that months on end is a exceptional survival mechanism, ensuring lock survive, even if hunting isn’t an excellent for number of months.

But how do they control to walk without eating because that so long?

First off, round pythons, like plenty of other snakes, have very low power demands under common circumstances.

During scarcity or hunger strikes, they deserve to lower these needs even much more by decreasing their metabolic rate.

Ball pythons have been well-known to decrease their metabolic rate by approximately 70 percent during times the starvation. 

In addition to slowing their metabolic price (the price at which your body expends energy), round pythons room also really selective about which varieties of calorie to burn an initial during starvation.

For example, they frequently preserve their protein supply by burn selective fat stores first. 

HowLong can a Baby ball Python walk Without Eating

Like adult sphere pythons, it is not uncommon for baby and juvenile sphere pythons to refuse food.

However, because baby sphere pythons are lot smaller and also have much less body fat to live on during starvation, castle should typically not walk without eating for an ext than 2-4 weeks.

If her baby round python refuses to eat, the best thing to execute is carefully monitor it to identify if it is healthy.

If that is curious and active (especially throughout the warmer seasons), has healthy skin and no broken scales or blisters, has clear, glowing eyes, and also is frequently shedding and also in one complete action.

It most likely is healthy and also will start eating soon.

However, also if your baby round python shows up healthy yet isrefusing to eat for more than 4 weeks, it’s best to take it it into the vet fora vet visit.

HowOften need to You Feed her Adult sphere Python

We know how long round pythons have the right to survive without food, yet just since they can survive for lengthy periods there is no food doesn’t average you shouldn’t feed them regularly.

So how regularly should friend feed your pet round python?

Your snake will certainly know finest when it comes to how regularly it requirements to eat, but because it can’t verbally connect this through you, you’ll need to offer it food on a continuous feeding schedule.

It’s finest to feeding adult round pythons as soon as every 10 to 14 work or every 1 come 2 weeks.

It may refuse come eat this often, yet still, proceed to offer at the very least every 14 days until it accepts.

If her snake shows up overweight, you might want come wait a small longer in in between feedings to assist prevent obesity.

How can you call if your snake is overweight?

Common signs of an overweight ball python encompass visible skin in between its scales, a round shape, roll of fat close to its head or cloaca, human body segmentation, a soft, squishy body rather of a for sure one, and also an abrupt readjust in its width from the tail to the vent. 

HowOften should You Feed your Baby round Python

Baby and juvenile ball pythons room in the top of their development period, an interpretation they are using increase much an ext energy and growing much faster than adult sphere pythons.

Because of this, lock require much more frequent feedings 보다 adult ball pythons.

It’s best to market your baby and also juvenile ball pythons food when a mainly or every 5 come 6 days.

It might not eat this often, but continue to sell it food weekly.

Once the reaches two to 3 years that age, you most likely only should feed it every 10 come 14 days, but again, let her snake’s appetite be her guide. 

WhyYour sphere Python may Not want to Eat

Ball pythons might refuse come eat for miscellaneous reasons, varying from major medical problems to an easy things choose a change in temperature or shedding.

We’ll now dive right into some of the most common reasons your round python may not want to eat to aid you far better determine why your round python might be refusing food.

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Temperature Problems

One that the most usual reasons why sphere pythons refuse come eat is since they are too cold.

Ball pythons are aboriginal to equatorial climates.

Their body need warm temperatures of roughly 90° levels Fahrenheit (32° C) to maintain their human body heat and also properly digest food.

Without adequate heat (and thereby the capacity to appropriately digest their prey), your sphere python may refuse come eat.

If you live in a cooler climate or one v seasonal temperature drops, her snake may have actually trouble digesting and also therefore refuse come eat.

Correct this temperature problem by it is registered a heat lamp or light to the top of your snake’s enclosure.