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How ns Sleep refers to a series of memes which humorously explain a person"s reaction to certain knowledge, usually either by showing someone sleeping peacefully or, top top the contrary, gift unable come sleep. The snowclone is normally worded together How i Sleep Knowing or How ns Sleep in ~ Night Knowing and shares details similarities v Who request / Nobody request meme.


The specific origin the the picture is unconfirmed. The original picture macro, an image of a resting baby captioned "How i sleep discovering that I"m solitary and nobody cheating top top me" to be circulated virtual at least because December 2014. The earliest found reposts the the picture were a meme repertoire posted on stelladimokokorkus.com<1> on December 13th, 2014, and in a short article by Twitter<2> user
MilianiVelez made on December 18th (image presented below).



The original photo macro was commonly circulated virtual in 2015. Because that example, on in march 17th and 18th the year, Twitter<3><4> accounts
StumblerVideos reposted the macro, through the articles gaining 230 and also 390 retweets in five years, respectively. An April 28th repost by Twitter<5> user
miilk received over 750 retweets in the same period.

Starting in early on 2016, individuals recreated the image with their own photographs while keeping the caption. Because that example, on January 2nd, 2016, Twitter<6> user
Nazaninkavari make the earliest viral write-up recreating the meme (shown below, left). On august 29th, 2016, Twitter<7> user
Drewphillips__ post the earliest uncovered derivative of the meme in i m sorry the subtitle was changed (shown below, right). The short article received end 720 retweets and 2,100 likes in 4 years.

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marthamondays make a write-up that obtained over 1,300 retweets and 1,200 likes in four years. A post made by society media personality Nathan Zed ~ above November 23rd, 2016, obtained over 4,400 retweets and also 8,600 likes in the exact same period.