By Steve BeauregardIt is 420 miles from Salt Lake City to ras Vegas. Assuming girlfriend have an excellent weather, (and that’s not constantly a great assumption), it would certainly take you six hrs to obtain there, there is no stops.Although it has its sections of beautiful scenery, the journey is long, with broad open spaces and also not lot to see. For some factor it is much more boring and an ext of a long drive once going back to Salt Lake than it is once going to las Vegas. Funny how that works.

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The interesting view ~ above the road from Salt Lake City to ras VegasThe exciting view on the roadway from Salt Lake City to ras Vegas
(Related: Distance and also driving time native Phoenix to las Vegas)So that’s the main, almost-always-used driving path from Salt Lake City to las Vegas.Different RouteThe various other potential course mapping equipment idiotically suggest has actually you acquisition Interstate 80 west to Wendover, Nevada, climate going south forever (or what it should seem like on this 2 lane road), top top a desolate stretch that the Lincoln Highway, or State Highway 93, which then turns right into highway 6, down to las Vegas.Arguably more scenic 보다 Interstate 15, this route but is longer, in ~ 484 miles, and would take much more time, approximately an hour and also twenty minutes longer. The full drive time would be seven hours and 18 minutes roughly.Overall, the distance from Salt Lake City to las Vegas, at around 420 miles, v a driving time of 6 hours, puts it in the in-between zone, where it’s a lengthy drive, but maybe no long sufficient to pony up the extra money to fly. Specifically when you element in the price of the ticket, baggage fees, taxis, etc.

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(Photo courtesy of Andres Nieto Porras and Garrett via Flickr).

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