Moving come Cornelius, NC appears to it is in a famous thing to do over the last couple of years as what was as soon as a tiny town with 9,000 human being (in 1999) life in Cornelius is currently over 30,000 world (in 2020). Girlfriend can examine out every the amazing residences for sale in Cornelius consisting of some spectacular lakefront properties on Lake Norman!

Many civilization want to understand if Cornelius is a great place to live and also the answer is undoubted, yes. A little suburb in Mecklenburg County and also just outside of Charlotte, Cornelius, NC is among the ideal places to live in north Carolina.

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Let’s run in and discuss every the things you have to know prior to you move to Cornelius!

Lake Norman

As with many of ours “moving to” guides, they start with relocating to Lake Norman i beg your pardon is just one of the ideal parts about living in a northern Charlotte suburb! Cornelius has actually a prime location on the southeastern edge of Lake Norman making the lake easily easily accessible for anyone who resides in Cornelius. Plenty of folks will take trip from Charlotte come Cornelius and other nearby towns to utilize all the lake needs to offer.

One the Charlotte’s largest attractions, Lake Norman, gives beautiful beaches with opportunities for boating, fishing, camping, hiking, trails, and much much more for the visitors. Among the largest artificial lakes in phibìc Carolina and also boasting 520-miles of shoreline, Lake Norman is simply one the the best parts about Cornelius.

If girlfriend love long walking or trails with a watch you will certainly love Lake Norman State Park!

Things to do In Cornelius, NC

You will never ever run the end of points to perform in Cornelius, NC thanks to every the town needs to offer. From Lake Norman to local restaurants, movie theaters, bowling alleys, over there is something because that the entire family also on a rainy day! If you love parks, you will love Cornelius.

Charlotte - Charlotte is a an excellent place to go if friend are in search of a funny night out or perhaps you want to catch a Carolina Panthers or Charlotte Hornets game! Charlotte is just one of the ideal cities come live near which makes Cornelius a good spot for those considering a move! plenty of folks who are looking to relocate to the Charlotte area likewise scope the end Raleigh, phibìc Carolina which is equally together great. Both of phibìc Carolina’s biggest cities offer great suburbs, locations to live with lots of things to do!

Lake Norman - Quite perhaps the main attraction because that Cornelius, NC is Lake Norman. If you love the coast or gift on the water, you will love Lake Norman. A lot of folks that are relocating to Charlotte for a project will relocate right to Cornelius thanks to what the suburb has to offer. If you’re in search of fun points to carry out in Cornelius look at no farther 보다 Lake Norman with its numerous tasks including wade trails, beaches, boating, fishing, camping, hiking, and more!

Lakes and Parks in Cornelius

Jetton Park - Jetton Park is just one of the popular Lake Norman parks the sits ~ above 104-acres with a smaller beach, tennis courts, trails, and picnic areas.

Ramsey Creek Park - 43.7 acre waterfront park v a beach that packs up quickly so obtain there ideal at 10 am once they open! The lakefront park enables for fishing, boating, picnics, walking trails, and more! Volleyball ~ above a sand court, horseshoes, and a playground for the young ones!

Bailey road Park - a 66-acre park through plenty of room for tasks including a track, fields, key golf, a playground, trails, picnic areas, and also more!

Robbins Park - A ‘nature’ based theme park or playground that gives youngsters a funny area to play! You have actually to inspect out this park just for the cool playground at the an extremely least. Numerous of the civilization who live in Cornelius love this park because that disc golf, tennis courts, dog walking, and more.

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Restaurants and Breweries in Cornelius

131 key Restaurant - v 4 locations now, and also the initial 131 MAIN beginning in Cornelius, NC provides this restaurant a must-try because that folks who may be visiting the area. From Barrel cut Filet Mignon to Cedar Plank Salmon this is the perfect restaurant to celebrate a birthday, a holiday, or a love one in Cornelius!

Fresh cook Kitchen - open up for lunch or dinner, fresh Chef Kitchen is committed to using the freshest ingredients because that its food selection options. From salads and sandwiches come a pasta alfredo v blackened chicken, the fresh Chef Kitchen has actually something because that everyone!

The Harp and Crown - The Harp & Crown developed a blend of traditional recipes with contemporary flavors because that a food selection that is together bold together the endure they attempt to create at your beautiful dining establishment. Bowl that encompass Guinness Pot Pie, irish Meatloaf, and also their renowned Harp battered Fish and Chips!

Port City society - A uniquely designed 13,500 square foot waterfront restaurant situated on beautiful Lake Norman. The port City Club also offers rooms the each have a distinctive lake view and reflect a bright, cheerful however classy atmosphere. One of the finest restaurants in Cornelius, the harbor City society is committed to fresh ingredients and local specialty beers and wines!

Choplin’s Restaurant - A steak and also seafood ar that it s okay the taste sprout going! chief Wes Choplin had actually a enthusiasm to create a unique and also savory blend of foodstuffs for his menu. Diners space amazed through the individually ready entrees made with the freshest neighborhood ingredients!

How far is Cornelius come Charlotte?

For those who space wondering how much Cornelius is come Charlotte, it’s about a 30-minute drive over 20 miles. It’s a straight shot down Highway 77 making that an easier, an ext convenient, 20-mile drive.

Many folks will make the pilgrimage from Charlotte come Cornelius because that a day on Lake Norman or to visit one of their top-ranked restaurants!

Many folks from Cornelius might work in Charlotte and will do the commute daily. Oftentimes folks living in Cornelius will take trip to Charlotte because that a night out, a Carolina Panthers or Charlotte Hornets game, or maybe also a concert downtown!

The proximity of Cornelius to Charlotte is component of what provides it a spot people are relocating to!

If you"re planning a move to Cornelius and working in Charlotte you won"t be alone. Many folks who live in Cornelius travel right into the city because that work!

Moving to Cornelius: final Takeaways

The affordability of Cornelius actual estate is one of the biggest reasons anyone would move to Cornelius especially when you think about its proximity to Charlotte which likewise has affordable actual estate. Once considering where you desire to live in the Charlotte area, Cornelius is a spot girlfriend must examine out particularly with every one of the things to carry out and great restaurants available. However, the number one factor someone should consider Cornelius is the beauty, beauty of Lake Norman!

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