The fast-casual, create-your-own episode restaurant franchise, exactly how Do friend Roll, was pitched ~ above Shark Tank in 2013.

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Yuen Yung and his brother Peter learned the restaurant service from your parents that ran a mom and pop restaurant in Chinatown, brand-new York.

After college, the brothers opened up the very first How perform You role restaurant in Austin, Texas. ~ above Shark Tank, they made a address Kevin "Mr. Wonderful" O"Leary -- $1 million because that 20 percent equity."

"The resolve O"Leary fell through and the Austin restaurant closed, as did two Chicago locations.But there space still two just how Do you Roll areas open - in fort Myers, Florida and also North Hollywood, California. " - Source august 2, 2016,

HDYR was not deterred by their Shark Tank fiasco of gaining a attend to a Shark only to shed it ~ the show.

They went on to sell franchises.

In fact, lock inked a 25 unit advance deal for Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, and component of Virginia with great fanfare.

Then native a QSR magazine article:

"How do You Roll? right now has ten units open in Arizona, Florida, and Texas. The firm has signed franchise and breakthrough agreements for an ext than 400 devices over the following twenty years."

These agreements span Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, the center East, Nevada, new Jersey, new York, phibìc Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Western Canada." - Source January 17, 2014, QSR

What walk wrong v these aspiring sushi franchise tycoons?

Here"s the Yung"s Shark Tank key on the alphabet show.


Lots that Unanswered Questions

What"s the standing of HDYR franchising today?

What space the HDYR franchise owners doing through their businesses?

Who owns the HDYR concept and also IP?

What room they to plan to perform with it?

Being a franchisor and building a durable and also sustainable franchise network requires much more than fact TV notoriety and also a pitch.

It take away a financially attractive organization model, a trustworthy supply chain, with an excellent branding; hard operations, maintain & support, and great franchise owner recruitment.

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