1 : any of a genus (Stevia) of composite herbs and also shrubs of tropical and also subtropical America especially : a white-flowered tender perennial (S. Rebaudiana) aboriginal to Paraguay

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2 : a white powder written of one or more intensely sweet glycosides obtained from the leaves of a stevia (S. Rebaudiana) and also used together noncaloric sweetener
Recent examples on the internet add the tomato puree, crushed tomatoes, chicken stock and also water to the pot together with the fluid stevia (if using) and stir come combine. — The View, ABC News, 6 Mar. 2020 However, stevia leaf and crude stevia extracts space not thought about GRAS and do not have FDA approval. — Sandee Lamotte, CNN, 28 Oct. 2019 Meanwhile, ar 1/4 cup stevia, 1.5 cups of water, and also 6 sprigs of fresh rosemary in a small saucepan collection over tool heat. — Kimberly Wilson, Essence, 19 Nov. 2019 this individual-size cheesecakes made with Philadelphia cream cheese and concentrated stevia extract are impossible to discern native the genuine thing. — Amanda Albee, Dallas News, 17 Jan. 2020 In tool bowl, whisk together coconut oil, almond butter, hefty cream, stevia and salt until an extremely smooth. — The an excellent Housekeeping check Kitchen, Good Housekeeping, 14 Nov. 2019 Plus, this green pick prevents the surprising additions found in many typical toothpastes—like synthetic sweeteners—in donate of necessary stevia extract (rather 보다 aspartame), to store a pleasant taste without possibly spiking her blood sugar. — Braelyn Wood, Health.com, 22 Nov. 2019 If desired, include a touch of sweetness v confectioners’ street or stevia, or flavor with a bit of vanilla dough or a sprinkle of cinnamon. — Claire Perez, sun-sentinel.com, 4 Oct. 2019 Sales of fabricated sweeteners have been decreasing over the past five years when sales that stevia, a organic high-intensity sweetener, have actually been climbing, follow to Nielsen. — Alexia Elejalde-ruiz, chicagotribune.com, 22 Aug. 2019

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History and also Etymology because that stevia

new Latin, from Petrus Jacobus Stevus (Pedro Jaime Esteve) †1555 Spanish physician and botanist