Bill Weasley to visit Hogwarts 2 years earlier than you. You will accomplish Bill in your second year the attending Hogwarts. Bill Weasley is from the big Weasley family and his brothers Charlie Weasley likewise attends hogwarts

Levelling up her friendship

Friendship LevelRequired experience to next LevelLevel Rewards
140 Experiencenone
270 Experience5 Gems
380 Experience5 Gems
4100 Experience5 Energy
5100 Experience5 Energy
6120 Experience10 Energy
7240 Experience10 Energy
8280 Experience15 Energy
9480 Experience15 Energy
10Max LevelWeasley Sweater

Increasing Friendship

You have the right to increase your friendship through Bill by undertaking various tasks with him. Tasks such together ‘Playing Gobstones’, ‘Have a meal’ or ‘Drink Butterbeer.’ throughout each event you deserve to score clues to increase your star rating for the event. Getting 3 stars top top an task will increase your friendship the most.

Click on among four tasks below to run to the section.





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Have a meal with a FriendTell Bill around your an initial year in ~ Hogwarts
Q. Who was your an initial enemy?
-1 Points: Mrs. Norris
1 Points: Snape
10 Points: Merula
Q. Where’d you go in Diagon Alley?
-1 Points: The Leaky Cauldron
10 Points: Flourish and also Blotts
10 Points: Ollivanders
Q. Whereby did girlfriend duel Merula?
-1 Points: The good Hall
-1 Points: The maintain Ground
10 Points: Clocktower Courtyard
Q. That was your an initial friend here?
-1 Points: Ben
-1 Points: Merula
10 Points: Rowan
Q. How did you uncover the cursed ice?
-1 Points: I complied with a wonder map
-1 Points: I adhered to Mrs. Norris
10 Points: I followed Snape and Filch
Q. Who gave you house Points?
-1 Points: Hagrid
10 Points: Professor Flitwick
10 Points: Professor Dumbledore
Q. How did you invade Mrs. Norris?
-1 Points: with Confusing Concoction
-1 Points: with the Knockback Jinx
10 Points: With resting Draught
Beat Bill’s Gryffindor Quiz
Q. That was our founder?
-1 Points: Merlin
-1 Points: Albus Dumbledore
10 Points: Godric Gryffindor
Q. Who’s our Head that House?
-1 Points: Professor Flitwick
-1 Points: Professor Dumbledore
10 Points: Professor McGonagall
Q. Who’s a well known Gryffindor?
-1 Points: Silvanus Kettleburn
10 Points: Sirius Black
10 Points: James Potter
Q. What’s ~ above our residence crest?
-1 Points: A Dragon
-1 Points: A Griffin
10 Points: A Lion
Q. What perform you associate v us?
-1 Points: Cleverness
-1 Points: Determination
10 Points: Courage
Q. Who’s our home ghost?
-1 Points: Peeves
-1 Points: The Bloody Baron
10 Points: practically Headless Nick
Q. Where is our typical Room?
-1 Points: Astronomy Tower
-1 Points: Headmaster’s Tower
10 Points: Gryffindor Tower

Play Gobstones

Win Gobstones through distracting Bill
Q. Let’s play, !
-1 Points: Let’s concentrate
5 Points: Let’s study for exams
10 Points: Let’s find the Cursed Vaults
Q. Don’t try to odor me…
-1 Points: i don’t must distract you come win
5 Points: Flitwick is appropriate behind you!
10 Points: McGonagall is right behind you!
Q. Wait till you check out this move…
-1 Points: I’m payment attention
5 Points: I’m not interested
10 Points: I’m paying attention
Q. How do you choose Gobstones?
-1 Points: Let’s emphasis on the game
5 Points: Let’s talk about your marks
10 Points: Let’s talk around your siblings
Q. I hardly ever before lose…
-1 Points: we can always play again
5 Points: You have actually a lot to think about
10 Points: You must be cursed
Q. You can be better than me…
-1 Points: I could need to concentrate
5 Points: I’m privately a Weasley
10 Points: I’m a better Curse-breaker, too
Q. My brothers told me this move
-1 Points: ns can’t wait to check out it
5 Points: My brother is missing
10 Points: He have to be much better than you

Drink Butterbeer

Prove exactly how well you understand Bill
Q. What is mine surname?
-1 Points: Weaserly
-1 Points: Wiggenweld
10 Points: Weasley
Q. Whereby does mine dad work?
-1 Points: Gringotts Wizarding Bank
-1 Points: The Burrow
10 Points: to adjust of Magic
Q. How countless siblings do I have?
-1 Points: None
-1 Points: Five
10 Points: Six
Q. Who’s mine Head that House?
-1 Points: Professor Sprout
-1 Points: Professor Dumbledore
10 Points: Professor McGonagall
Q. Where did us meet?
-1 Points: The Forbidden Forest
-1 Points: The Clocktower Courtyard
10 Points: The cultivate Grounds
Q. Where carry out I live?
-1 Points: Diagon Alley
5 Points: Ottery St. Catchpole
10 Points: The Burrow
Q. What’s mine goal?
-1 Points: To end up being an Auror
-1 Points: To come to be a professor
10 Points: To come to be a Curse-breaker

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