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Early proof for continent Drift Hypothesis

Figure \(\PageIndex2\): Snider-Pellegrini’s map showing the continental fit and separation, 1858.

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Wegener’s first piece of evidence was the the coasts of some continents fit together favor pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Human being noticed the similarity in the coasts of southern America and also Africa top top the an initial world maps, and also some suggested the continents had been ripped personally <3>. Antonio Snider-Pellegrini walk preliminary work on continent separation and matching fossils in 1858.

Figure \(\PageIndex3\): Map of world elevations. Keep in mind the irradiate blue, which space continental shelves flooded by shallow ocean water. These present the true shapes of the continents.

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What Wegener did in different ways was synthesizing a huge amount of data in one place. He offered the true edges of the continents, based upon the forms of the continent shelves <4>. This caused a much better fit 보다 previous initiatives that traced the existing shores <5>.

There are four various fossil biology that attach South America, Africa, India, Antartica, and also did opponents of continental drift account