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Early Evidence for Continental Drift Hypothesis

Figure (PageIndex2): Snider-Pellegrini’s map reflecting the continental fit and separation, 1858.

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Wegener’s first item of evidence was that the coasts of some continents fit together favor pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. People noticed the similarities in the shores of South America and also Africa on the initially people maps, and some argued the continents had actually been ripped acomponent <3>. Antonio Snider-Pellegrini did preliminary occupational on continental separation and also matching fossils in 1858.

Figure (PageIndex3): Map of world elevations. Keep in mind the light blue, which are continental shelves flooded by shallow ocean water. These present the true forms of the continents.

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What Wegener did differently was synthesizing a big amount of information in one place. He used the true edges of the continents, based on the forms of the continental shelves <4>. This resulted in a far better fit than previous efforts that traced the existing coasts <5>.

There are 4 different fossil organisms that connect South America, Africa, India, Antartica, and also did opponents of continental drift account