Rob Kardashian airs some dirty to wash (Picture: Instagram, Getty)

Rob Kardashian has gone ~ above a furious rant around his ex, and also mother of his child, Blac Chyna.

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The maintaining Up through The Kardashians star mutual Chyna’s alleged brand-new man’s phone number and also claimed the Rob had paid $100,000 for load loss surgical procedure after she welcouchsurfingcook.commed her infant Dream.

Chyna recorded her weight loss on society media and also was seen documenting her job-related outs.

‘Everyone wonders how Chyna lost all that weight after the baby and also she lies come everyone however no I’m together a good Husband the on our anniversary ns paid 100K to carry out this surgical procedure to acquire all whatever fixed as much as they couchsurfingcook.comuld. And then guess: v what she walk after she was all healed once I was by her side the whole time. She left me and also my baby which she had out of spite to get earlier at her other baby daddy. Ns can’t think u would certainly disrespect me prefer this,’ that wrote.

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Rob then went ~ above to accuse the reality star and also on/off girl friend of cheating in your home. That couchsurfingcook.comntinued in the lengthy rant: ‘Hahahaha Chyna simply sent me this video saying happy 4th of July what a stunner person. Couchsurfingcook.comme spend time through your daughter rather of f*****g me and also then this dude appropriate after. U need help

Rob has actually shared explicit images of his ex virtual (Picture: Getty Images)

‘This is the dude Chyna got caught cheating on me through for a minute now. And look the texted me asking for aid and claimed he necessary money cuz he can not afford to pay Chyna’s bill so it is why i pay she bills. More receipts space couchsurfingcook.comming. Just yesterday Chyna sent me her p**** and everything and also said she gonna couchsurfingcook.comme f**k me … wait because that it. Never once have actually I cheated top top Chyna and also I stayed loyal come her even after every the cheating she been doing and the multiple males she been fucking including me…’

Sharing a an extremely explicit photo of what shows up to it is in the 29-year-old, a pic the has since been deleted, plunder couchsurfingcook.comntinued: ‘This is from Chyna yesterday to me. I never been so disrespected in mine life. I simply bought she 250K of jewelry yesterday. This woman is therefore disrespectful and also I nothing care.’


As well as making this outrageous claims, Kim Kardashian’s younger brother also shared photos of the guy that his former fiance was allegedly sleeping with share a snap of the in what he insurance claims was their bed. Rob then declared that he pays for the model’s automobile park complete of luxurious cars, consisting of her mum’s car, and also that he funds both of your lifestyles.

Posting even much more screenshots with numbers of people on full display, the father-of-one alleged that some of the males that his ex had been resting with also reached out to the in a desperate bid come ‘make money.’

Rob and also Chyna have actually a daughter with each other (Picture: JB Lacroix/WireImage)

‘More message from just one the the guys Chyna been f*****g in the bed that we lay in through our infant under the roof that i pay for. However this one dude she f*****g who reached out come me questioning me to aid him make money or that gonna disclose Chyna. Bro nobody cares about Chyna like that and also everyone has had actually her. Including u and also me lol,’ that couchsurfingcook.comntinued.

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Accusing Chyna the lying about shifting her baby weight naturally, Rob common a video of the pair in hospital together he boasted about paying ‘100K’ because that the surgery before ditching him and also their baby daughter.

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In the prolonged rant that became an extremely repetitive in the direction of the end, Rob asserted that he genuinely loved his ex and baby mom before adding that he’s obtained ‘receipts because that days’

He added: ‘I never been therefore disrespected through a Woman and also I support everything she does until this stuff. Simply sloppy and messy and the disrespect. Give thanks to God for my daughter but I will certainly never allow my daughter over to that residence that i pay for…

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‘I gained receipts because that days and I’m gonna store going and I don’t offer a f**k. The girl told me this day she gonna have a 3rd baby daddy and she also told me today she wants to have an ext kids next year in June. And also she sending out me videos that her and other man with our babies in the house. And also then this thirsty ass dude posting self in the home I pay for and bed ns made my infant in cursed shame.’