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Ahead, a tribute come the best, badass, confident, superwoman lady bosses of primetime.

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October 16, 2016 — 7.32pm


Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen: We've watched her grow from a timid girl into a dragon-wielding woman together she fiercely regains manage of the seven Kingdoms, inspiring her followers along the way. Currently that'€™s the mark of a great leader.


Olivia Pope: The fearless and gutsy Washington 'fixer'€™ who certain knows her means around a modern-day power suit.Credit:Danny Feld


Peggy Olsen: indigenous Don Draper's mousy secretary come the badass an innovative boss she was always destined come be. Us watched and marvelled in ~ her many Lean In moments over the years. Also, STEGGY 4EVA.


Joan Harris: Savvy Joan had to attend to a most BS in ~ Sterling Cooper, however came the end on optimal in the end. Her quote, "I desire to burn this location down", is something that resonates with countless women in the workplace.


Leslie Knope: We view her go from humble Parks department employee come powerhouse, politician and also a stand-up example of actually having it all. Ah, we want her to it is in our life coach.


That's chairman Selina Meyer come you! Leader that the totally free world and also ever-ambitious pressure to it is in reckoned with. Hillary, take it notes – or don’t.


Olivia Benson: couchsurfingcook.coming native a troubled past, Olivia Benson constantly wants to see points right, even if that way couchsurfingcook.committing accomplishments of badassery that would certainly probably acquire a actual cop fired.


Beth: The camp director that wears the trousers in Wet warm American Summer. Beth is well respected amongst the Camp Firewood counsellors and always keeps the vibe positive, rallying them together with her cheesy jokes. As Coop says, she is "Like, Marla-Gibbs-level funny!"


Jessica Pearson: The key reason us watch Suits is Jessica Pearson. The new York lawyer is both loved and feared and also a total boss, leagues front of all the cocky dudes that work-related with her at Pearson Darby Specter in the smart stakes.Credit:USA Network


Alicia Florrick: together the The great Wife proves, interesting, couchsurfingcook.complex women perform make for an excellent television. A special shout-out likewise goes come Alicia’s mentor, Diane Lockhart, who keeps a framed picture of Hillary Clinton on she desk.


Janice: though she just featured in a few episodes, us thoroughly appreciated Jenna Lyons' cameo ~ above Girls together Hannah's boss, the no-nonsense, level-headed editor the GQ. According to Lena Dunham, janice was inspired by Lyons IRL.


Virginia Johnson: This singer-turned-journalist-turned-secretary-turned-research-assistant-turned pioneer adhered to a pretty unconventional route to success, wednesday say.


Carrie Mathison: Okay, for this reason she doesn't have the ideal taste in men and her emotions may gain the much better of she from time come time – insert cry-face GIF – yet her brilliance is undeniable. She simply won't quit till she has actually all the answers.


American horror Story has always been great at developing meaty duties for women. A element example? Fiona Goode, the supreme Witch of the Salem Coven, who might use her mind power to litter you into a wall if you acquire in the way of she goals.


Claire Underwood: A feminist force in house of Cards, us love that she's dedicated to causes that are personal to her, such as abortion and also sexual assault.


Cristina Yang: she unwavering dedication to her life’s passion – being the finest cardiothoracic operated doctor she could possibly be – to be inspiring. Her relationships and also decisions to be shaped around this, redefining the concept of 'having the all'.


Violet Crawley: She may not it is in in charge of Downton ~ above paper, however she may as well have. She wit's sharper than pinking shears – and also those withering zingers could put any type of man in his place.


Victoria Greyson: "You have the right to spend her life being managed by an effective men, or you deserve to learn exactly how to control them".


Red: in ~ Litchfield, Red is a mentor and also mother, through minions catering to she every whim – also shaving her legs! She additionally has the strength to inspire fierce loyalty, i beg your pardon she returns v couchsurfingcook.compassion. Just don't insult her food.


Temperance Brennan: always thorough and concise, Bones' forensic anthropologist Temperance is commonly respected as the leading authority in her field. The working connection she enjoys through her husband, special Agent Seeley Booth, is top of ours #relationshipgoals.

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Mindy Lahiri: Mindy is excellent. And boy does she know it. Us can't think of everyone we'd rather be stuck in a gyno chair with.