Find the weather also boring? inspect out these funny weather apps for Android, iOS, and also the net that make the forecast more entertaining.

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Weather might not it is in the most fascinating topic of conversation, yet it"s something us all examine every day. If you"d like an ext entertainment from her morning weather ritual, we"ve obtained a perform of excellent and funny weather apps.

We"re ~ above a mission to prove that weather doesn"t have to be boring and with this apps it"s something but. Your daily weather examine will never ever be the very same again.

HumorCast Weather App
HumorCast Settings
HumorCast Weather App
readjust the profanity meter and get ready for a chuckle v HumorCast, it is provided by Dark Sky. You"ll check out a phrase guaranteed to do you laugh in ~ the icky weather exterior your window. Want to recognize if it"s hotter 보다 Lucifer"s armpit or colder than a digger"s behind? This application will let you know.

In enhancement to your present conditions, you deserve to view the hourly and also five-day forecasts, get weather alerts, watch multiple weather locations, and adjust the setups for temperature units, time format, and background type.

HumorCast is an entertaining weather application whether you allow the profanity or not.

Download: HumorCast for Android | iOS (Free)

Carrot Weather Forecast
turn up your volume and also prepare yourself for sarcasm with CARROT Weather, meatbag! native the words friend hear come the ones you watch alongside existing conditions, you"ll be tempted to poke the app"s ocular sensor an ext than once. And also for some genuine punishment, adjust the Personality option from Friendly to Overkill.

This funny app gives friend your existing conditions, hourly and daily forecasts, rain and also snow predictions, major weather notifications, and unlockable success and secret locations for included enjoyment. To add you can tap your way into AR setting for one ocular sensor on your desk, or use Time take trip for previous or future weather conditions.

As among the finest iPhone weather apps with a twisted of sarcastic humor, CARROT Weather come through.

Download: CARROT Weather for Android (Free, subscription available) | iOS ($5, subscription available)

for something beyond an easy humor that boundaries on obnoxious, check out What The Forecast?!!. This hilarious weather application gives you the current conditions with a blunt statement or two. And if a few bad indigenous don"t bother you, friend can change the profanity settings from Off to On or Some, and permit the voice.

acquire your hourly and also 10-day forecasts, advises for serious weather, backgrounds that match your season and current conditions, and settings with alternatives for the application color, weather station, and also hot and also cold thresholds.

If you want a weather application that"s directly to the suggest and most likely to make you laugh a good few times, get What The Forecast?!!.

Download: What The Forecast?!! for Android | iOS (Free)

If you"re a the personality is bad Cat fan, there"s no much better app for you 보다 Grumpy Cat Weather. Start each day through the infamous Grumpy Cat frown and also a bit of sarcasm.

Then inspect the hourly and also 10-day forecasts, watch the animated radar map, and also see the times because that sunrise and sunset. You have the right to head to the setups to readjust the temperature unit and enable notifications for when new photos arrive.

The app also lets friend share your forecast on social media through a tap. You"ll present your pals just how much far better your weather outlook is than theirs. Meow!

Download: grumpy Cat Weather for Android | iOS (Free)

because that many, the weather is around one question: whether or no shorts are a good idea. If that"s you, examine out the aptly named have the right to I wear Shorts Today?. Allow your ar or form one in in ~ the top, then watch the prize to that burning question.

You"ll additionally see the temperature for the location, spots on the map with smiley and frowny faces, and also a scrolling perform of spots about the people showing if it"s great or poor day because that those shorts. And you might additionally peruse several of the ideal weather website for in-depth details.

Even an ext Weather through a Wink

Why keep looking at the same simple weather apps and also websites? If you include a small humor to your weather, it might also include a large smile to your day.

If you don"t have time to inspect the full forecast, check out the finest weather widgets because that Android and some of the finest other Android widgets, too. You have the right to even add weather widgets to your blog or website!

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