When it comes to finding a pair in life that is not easy. Finding that human being who goes come the win of their very own drum. They know what castle are about and you deserve to just spend endless time v them. Together of right now we can’t exactly aid you uncover this person, yet we can assist you v Rolex clock pairings. Over there is nothing that says luxury lifestyle couple like a his and also hers matching collection of Rolex watches. Except that is for corresponding diamond collection Rolex watches. A look at that have the right to remind friend of her other fifty percent anytime you space wearing it matching Rolex sets room a refined and thoughtful gift to obtain one another. For a stunning look that takes Rolex watches for men and women’s Rolex watches to revolve them right into a equivalent pair our craftsmen look in ~ the details. Take it for instance these Datejust city hall below.

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First that course over there is the matter of selecting a Rolex watch. Perhaps you and also your half already have a matching piece from your collections. Below is just how to turn them up the best way that we know exactly how – include some diamonds! After every our surname isn’t Diamonds by Raymond Lee for nothing. We love to add some glitter and shine come make even the many stunning deluxe watches and jewelry pieces that much more glamorous. Nothing much more or less than precious stones for a dial that calls the ocean the s to you. That would certainly be a mommy of pearl stunner. And also of food last but not least some much more diamonds ~ above the collection of dials too! This unisex Rolex watch pairing works perfectly for him and also for her. The diamond bezel and Roman character hour mite glinting versus the mom of pearl dial. Let united state take a look.

Rolex clock pairings – his & hers Datejust set


When it comes to matching jewel or city hall there are a couple of ways to execute it. Because that a luxury watch the is an top timeless standard with a distinct look like a Rolex Datejust the is just a question of preference. There room so many choices to personalize and match your look. A his and also hers collection though is a stunning Rolex clock pairing. First because Datejust watches space such a clip in any type of collection as well as a everyday wear symbol of the brand. That is a lovely watch from Rolex because that women. As well as a guy’s go to in the variety of men’s Rolex watches. This collection that we produced with aftermarket diamond bezels and a couple of other distinctive features present just exactly how easy the is to get a set of his and hers Rolex Datejust watches that space all your own an individual style too. 

A slightly bigger men’s Rolex than her’s the identical Datejust watches are Oystersteel. A supervisor durable and easy to match color. Resistant and sportive it method this pair have the right to wear their his and hers watches any day that the mainly no issue what occasion! additionally with the diamond additions these pieces get elevated so they are still perfect come wear for more formal gatherings too. Take the dial made of mom of pearl and truly you have actually a stunning precious piece. All with each other this Rolex Datejust pair to be a satisfied to create. The roman inn numerals with diamonds a unique and delicate touch because that a strong look for both him and also her. Ours craftsmen made sure that the setting of the diamonds to be identical and the shade of mother of pearl key used. This method you recognize this is a collection together. Once they room apart the enhance continues. 


Just include diamonds! Glittering bezels and also hour markers

Like twins these watches space identical but still have some differences. Specially as soon as it concerns their personality. The females Datejust watch has a diluent bracelet and also smaller case. For a better fit and also a an ext feminine aesthetic. To go v the dimension the diamonds in the bezel are likewise a little smaller to fit. Too as collection tighter together. Various other than that the channel setting is identical. As are the glittering jewel in the dial’s Roman numeral hour markers.

Unique dial discs


The dial key is a important fun part of any watch. That is because if you are looking to personalise – or complement – your watch or the town hall you have the right to have the most fun through these. At a complete service and also authorised jewelry and luxury watch store favor Diamonds by Raymond Lee, you can adjust up your dial. For example for this stunning collection that we added matching mother of pearl dials to. For a linked look that is complementary to one another we used the very same shade that white mother of pearl on this watches. Similar to this 116200 Datejust that is because that sale. 

Rolex 116200 Datejust Diamond Bezel mother Of Pearl Dial Stainless stole Watch

However, mom of pearl is a natural and organic priceless element. That means there space actually a many of various options. Take for instance Tahitian mom of pearl dials. These room a different coloration indigenous the white mommy of pearl and give a truly unique look. 

Rolex 116523 Daytona Tahitian mom Of Pearl Dial two Tone Watch

As you have the right to see in this Daytona the Tahitian mommy of pearl dial is uniquely various from the corresponding whites we placed in the his and hers set.

Diamonds through Raymond Lee craftsmen and the bespoke process

When it pertains to creating a Rolex pairing choose these corresponding Rolexes because that him and her our specialists take special care. Very first they satisfy with you and also yours to develop the look that you room going for. What the products to be used will be. As well as which combination will turn your matching watches into truly your own twin pairs. If friend love this idea yet do no have matching watches fairly yet our watch connoisseurs can also assist you through that. 


Finding a collection of stunning the town hall to complement is no issue with our wide ranging collection of fine watches. We have actually a lot of various collections and editions because that men and also women. Recognize the one the sings the song for the 2 of friend is just a matter of time. You can come and enjoy a cold regional craft beer or champagne with us while us look because that the perfect ones. 

After you have your watches, the look you room going for and have chose on the products to be supplied it is time because that our craftsmen to gain down come work. The is all around care and timely attention. Devoting the dedicated time that it takes to get every information just right. They craft the metals and collection the diamonds. Polish and clean and adjust until voila her perfect set of matching watches room done and also ready come shine. Throughout the whole process there is someone to speak to you about how it every works. If you room interested you can also come and also see several of the occupational being done yourself. V well end thirty year of endure in caring for and also crafting distinct versions of well watches our craftsmen understand their due. It is why so many collectors to trust our full business jewelry store.


Our in home workshop

We take an excellent pride in all of the job-related that we do. Including the distinct adjustments and also creations because that our custom solutions clients. That is why we collection up our understand craftsmen through the absolute ideal in the industry. At our in house workshop we have got every one of the top machinery consisting of lasers, deluxe watch testers and also machines that our craftsmen need to do their very best work. From a simple tune as much as transforming your watch into a corresponding marvel we have actually what it takes – ~ above hand and in house. This is crucial fact to note since it way that your jewels and luxury watches never leave our sight. They carry out not go anywhere on third party hands yet rather remain with our very own collection under security at all times. That is safe and also secure as well as top the the market quality. 

Some but not all of our peak of the range machinery include: 

the Witschi Proofmaster M machine to test water resistance the Witschi Chronoscope M1 maker for timing the Greiner Vibrograf ACS 900 cleaning an equipment for cleaning watch movements the Bergeon No 6928-vr winding and testing machineMany more

We also have cut edge modern technology to handle and shape diamonds for the perfect fit in any of our projects.

Where come buy Datejust Rolex watch pairings in southern Florida – Diamonds through Raymond Lee your destination for every your high-end watch needs

When it comes to luxury watches and making them your really own you need to know who come trust. Who better than professionals in the field – a family service we will have actually you understand – that has been about for the last three decades! that is appropriate our business is an ext than just our day-to-day routine. It is our passion and also our commitment. Our ar here in south Florida method so lot to us. They store us coming ago every year with far better and far better offerings. Bringing our sleek clientele some of the most unique luxury watches in the world. 


Beyond our widely curated arsenal we also have ours in home craftsmen. These males are few of the very best and also are completely obsessed with fine watches. I typical you need to be to work-related in this industry! many of them have actually been good tuning and personalising Rolex and also other luxury watches for decades. They use several of the most cutting edge an innovation available to create magnificent brand-new creations like these his & hair Rolex clock pairing. Native the choice of the finest diamonds through our diamond and also gem expert they produce beautiful aftermarket bespoke modifications. For watches that are not simply glitter and also glam however for him and also her! They also craft gorgeous dial discs from precious gems like mommy of pearl right here to create a stunning set.

Trust tradition and trust commitment. We are here for the long haul. Through our two conveniently placed and expertly designed ar we are prepared to handle all of your needs.

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As soon as it involves luxury watches, bespoke modifications, continual service and eventual repairs our craftsmen space on it. Don’t simply take our word because that it though come examine out our showrooms to check out what we deserve to offer! conversation to among our experts: 

Diamonds through Raymond Lee Boca Raton locations:

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