contact of Duty: black color Ops Cold war streamer NoahJ make the efforts the Zombies round record only to be disrupted by an unknown glitch v a weird name.

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noah j ~ above stream speak to of duty black color ops cold war
NoahJ has become a little bit of an icon among the Call the Duty: black color Ops Cold war community. In addition to fixing the teaser trailer puzzle challenge, he regularly takes on complicated challenges solidifying self as one of the ideal Zombies players v the new Call of Duty: black Ops Cold War.

The current record for the world"s greatest round in zombie is ring 255. This document was collection in a ahead title, however now NoahJ has made that his goal to take the record on in Call that Duty: black Ops Cold War. On the eve of his success, disaster struck because of something totally out that NoahJ"s control.

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After five hours specialized in a ahead stream, NoahJ456 went back to finish out their attempt to be the very first to end up round 256. This is rumored to be the greatest round in Call the Duty: black color Ops Cold battle Zombies before the video game stops counting. Once complete, that planned to just exfiltrate and win the extra prestige among the community. Together he is rolling transparent the level, the YouTube Chat ar starts discussing just how there have actually been numerous Zombies complement crashes as a result of server issues. No sooner is it pointed out in chat before NoahJ"s game pertains to a halt on round 208 and also goes straight to a black screen. ~ a couple of minutes, it offers him one error article with the surname "Zebra 112 Vicious Stallion."

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because that those who have actually not tried the new Call of Duty: black Ops Cold war Zombies game mode, it is incredibly hard to make it to even round 20. Noah managed to make it to do it to round 200 fully alone ~ finding a secure map rotation that enabled him to dragon zombies. That had achieved all 6 perks, had actually the ideal guns possible in the game mode, and it to be a issue of rounds prior to he would win the challenge.

once the video game crashes, NoahJ456 is understandably and visibly frustrated. Fairly than taking out his rage on-stream, that instead made decision to autumn with elegant notifying his followers of his feel by simply Tweeting "F."

On one more note, the Vicious Stallion glitch because that Call the Duty: black Ops Cold War is no a widespread issue. It shows up in several posts approximately the web as an unexpected ending, yet it seems extremely isolated in that spread. That is unknown if NoahJ will certainly make one more run because that the record, however many think he will just wait till the developer patch the game mode prior to spending another 6 hrs attempting the record.

Call that Duty: black Ops Cold war is easily accessible on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and also Xbox collection X.