Dryer thermal fuse located on the blower housing. If the dryer overheats, the thermal fuse blows cut off strength to the motor or the heater system. Once the fuse is negative the dryer won"t start or will run yet not heat. The thermal fuse cannot be reset. Fuses regularly blow due to a clogged dryer vent.

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OEM component - Manufacturer #WP3392519

A negative fuse will have actually no continuity an interpretation the electrical path is broken. A multimeter deserve to be used to check it because that continuity.


Dryer heater element. If her dryer does not heat first check because that a blown heat fuse on the blower housing prior to replacing the heating element. In most cases the heating aspect will have a break in the facet if defective. *May need wire connector to install heater element.

OEM part - Manufacturer #279838

The heater element and also many various other parts deserve to be tested utilizing a volt/ohm meter which is a handy item to have actually in any do the yourselfers tool box.


Repair kit for Whirlpool, Kenmore, Roper dryer; rollers, belt and also idler pulley, for 29" broad Dryers built 1965 and also later. This dryer maintain kit contains all of the parts that are typically defective when the dryer is noisy. -Call with model# come verify if kit is compatible v your dryer.

OEM part - Manufacturer #4392065


Dryer heating facet thermal cut-off (thermal fuse) 309 degrees and also high limit thermostat 250 degrees, v wiring kit. If the dryer go not heat the thermal cut off may have blown and also a new high border thermostat is needed.

OEM component - Manufacturer #279816


Dryer gas burner valve solenoid set. If the dryer walk not warm or heats intermittently the coils can be defective. Come test, clock the burner and if the igniter glows because that a while and then shuts off without the gas igniting, it usually way one of these coils is bad.

OEM component - Manufacturer #279834

Dryer door move assembly. If the dryer does not begin then the door switch could be defective. This switch also replaces the two wire switch.

OEM component - Manufacturer #WP3406107

Dryer to ride bicycle thermostat v internal predisposition heater, L155-25. If the dryer won"t heat, the is unlikely that this thermostat is bring about the issue, as the heat fuse or thermal cut-out typically fail first.

OEM component - Manufacturer #WP3387134

Dryer door catch kit. This kit has three various door catches; friend will require to choose the door capture that fits her model.

OEM part - Manufacturer #279570

Rear drum support roller kit. This kit consists of two drum support rollers. If the north rollers room worn out, the dryer might not turn effectively or might be excessively noisy. Be aware that the north bearings are self-lubricating; that is not necessary to lubricate castle yourself.

OEM part - Manufacturer #349241T

The drum rollers and also drum roller axles regularly wear the end at the very same time. If the north roller axles space worn out, replace them in addition to the north rollers.

Dryer belt stress idler wheel assembly.When the idler wheel goes negative it will generally make a high pitch squeeling or rattling noise.

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OEM part - Manufacturer #WP691366

Dryer lint display assembly. Suitable air flow is an important to dryer procedure so the filter need to be cleaned prior to every load.

OEM part - Manufacturer #WPW10717210

Dryer drum drive motor. Contains pulley because that dryer north drive belt. Other shaft has actually reverse threads for blower wheel. Common symptoms that a negative drive engine are:-Dryer stops transforming during cycle-Dryer won"t start-Dryer won"t turn at all-Dryer drive motor is loud