1. The letter that explains the arrangement is signed "AD". That"s not sufficient to make you, the player, guess who the sender might be. Yet entering house Doemenel, you have the right to tell the servant right away that there"s a letter that could interest him. (At that allude I was simply looking around and an extremely confused which letter this is every about!)


2. As much as i know, over there isn"t any method to actually uncover out what "AD" stands for other than giving the letter to mr Reymont, which provides it impossible to choose the Doemenel next in this quest? Which method that there"s no logical chain of occasions that brings you to house Doemenel in bespeak to market your solutions to the guy.

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3. If you notify Lord Reymont, he thanks you and the search is completed. But he additionally silently bring away the heart of the White Marsh away from you. If girlfriend went v the trouble of breaking in and finding the diamond, that"s really frustrating. He never ever says noþeles to describe this, not even something favor "and I suspect you"re the thief who stole it a when ago, hand the over!" I can have welcomed that. That would have actually been cooler if there was a method to keep the diamond while still obtaining the reward, however at the very least there would have been one explanation for losing the diamond.


So the logical method this quest proceeds is this one: friend stumble upon some thieves and find a letter around a heist. You don"t understand what "AD" means so you assume it will certainly be revealed at a later on stage of the quest.

First option: girlfriend tell lord Reymont about it, discover out what ad stands for, however the search is now completed. A little bit boring.

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Second option: You do have actually all the information about the heist, therefore why not merely do it yourself and sell the item to the greatest bidder? You rest in, sneak around, try not to strike the guards, find the diamond and quickly leave. Currently you deserve to still only educate Lord Reymont, but at the very least you have actually the diamond, so you might be able to put some pressure on the guy. In ~ the an extremely least you deserve to inform him, get his thanks and also reward, and also then market the diamond to AD, the Dozens or the Crucible Knights!

...well, no one of that happens though, due to the fact that without warning and without any mention of it in the dialogue, the diamond gets removed from her inventory. The pursuit is completed and also all your cool plans of double-crossing rich world are destroyed.


This is very frustrating. And also as much as I have the right to see, there"s no logical third option that has you find out the surname of advertisement and then offer your solutions to him. So... Yeah, great idea for a quest, but a very sloppy execution, ns think.