Fashion movies like The adversary Wears Prada or Zoolander acquire all the fanfare, but when it involves campy aughts fashion, nothing to win Head end Heels. Released 20 years ago today, it’s the best stylish flick that you’ve most likely never seen. The plot that this comedic B movie centers roughly Amanda Pierce (Monica Potter), a paints conservator in ~ the Met, who moves in with 4 roommates who room up-and-coming models in brand-new York. Yes sir Jade (Shalom Harlow), that all the males fawn over; Roxana (Ivana Milicevic), the tough-as-nails Russian; Candi (Sarah O’Hare), the bubbly Australian; and also Holly (Tomiko Fraser), the smarty who can have gone to Stanford yet instead quips, “Look at me, what perform I require Stanford for?”

Things get exciting when Amanda meets Jim Winston, played by Freddie Prinze Jr. (the heartthrob of the 2000s). He resides in the apartment throughout from the five roomies, and also from your loft, they can actually see right into his location (creepy, ns know). One night, the girls think they’ve saw him murdering a woman, and become convinced he’s a psycho killer. The a loose take top top Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, and also sure, there’s several twists and also turns to go v it—but that’s no why it’s precious a watch today: the early-Y2K fashion is! 

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The film is basically a time capsule of what was trending in fashion in ~ the time. The 4 models are decked the end in the hottest garments from the era: castle wear chic slip dresses and also faux-fur coats together they inspection if the hot guy following door is a serial killer or not. The fashion is therefore absurd at times—especially because that a murder-mystery setting—yet it is what makes it for this reason great. The your following guilty-pleasure watch. The movie’s 2000s aesthetic is also so hot right now, through brands favor Juicy Couture and also Von Dutch having a comeback, so I made decision to revisit the movie to see if the format still feel current. (Spoiler: that does. Because that the most part.)

1. We satisfy Amanda at she day project as a paints conservator at the Met. I uncover it funny the she’s carelessly drinking a coffee about a painting that ns assume is priceless. Fire her!

3. Amanda moves out of her boyfriend’s house and sees a flyer because that a “roommate wanted.” The room is advertised as going for $500. In Manhattan?! Jealous. 


Shalom Harlow, Tomiko Fraser, buy it O'Hare, and also Ivana MilicevicPhoto: Courtesy of Everett Collection4. We fulfill the four fabulous models that Amanda is going to move in with. Lock live in a huge loft through sprawling ceilings and a fabulous walk-in closet that they every share. “How can they purchased this?” i seethe. 

5. We find out that it’s actually a model’s apartment that their firm pays for. Okay, same enough, that’s a genuine thing. 

6. Let’s take it a minute to identify Holly, who is wearing a chic floral dress the is really Brock Collection. 

7. As Amanda moves into the apartment, she notices a heat of males waiting outside, all suitors hoping to obtain a day with among the models. The girls are picky, though. They optimal through the peephole: “His fit is Hugo Boss, however it’s right off the rack. His tie’s a Gucci knockoff. Those shoes? That’s in between him and Payless.”

8. Amanda clues Jim (Freddie) from across the way. They can see everything he does. She instantly i do not care smitten with him (especially after seeing him perform pull-ups shirtless). 

9. I’m not loving the stereotype that Candi having different surgical bandages ~ above her challenge throughout all of her scenes. Not all models acquire plastic surgery, okay! most are just genetically blessed—which, ns know, unfair. 

10. Jade’s vampy leather bustier peak is what all tiktok e-girls are wearing right now. How good was it that they obtained Shalom Harlow, one IRL supermodel, come play her? A+ casting choice. 

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11. Roxana is casually lounging on the couch in tight red sequin pants. Is this what models really wore in 2001?

12. The models decision to offer Amanda a makeover. This was such a 2000s movie thing: a “makeover” that just consists of a different outfit and, like, part lip gloss. I gotta say, though: I do love this black color dress with a faux-fur trim the they put her in. 

13. Amanda is an alleged to be the unfashionable one of the group, but her black color square-neck top and also silk skirt is at sight chic. Not certain why they all dressed up to break right into Jim’s apartment, though. 

14. Back at their apartment, Holly states she’s booked her an initial big runway show at new York Fashion mainly tomorrow. She’s practicing by walking with a publication on top of her head (for posture). A classic trick! 

15. At stated NYFW show, Holly is now in her full runway look, which is a pink dress with marabou trim. I’m getting significant Anna Sui vibes. 

16. I’ll skip over the major plot points for this reason as not to damn anything, but now we’re in a clothing warehouse wherein the girls room being organized captive by a bad guy. (Things took a turn.) “I can’t dice here,” says Candi. “This place is complete of ugly dresses!” If the isn’t a mood, what is?

17. Currently we’re ago at NYFW. All the girls, consisting of Amanda, are walking in a present as a covert operation to catch one more bad guy. (Yes, really.) Amanda is placed in a black color tulle gown v a lacy shawl. “I look prefer Stevie Nicks,” she says. I have to admit, this is the first look the doesn’t hold up. That too much.

18. Judging by the frilly white gown and dramatic top hat that follows Amanda’s look in this “runway” show, because that a faux designer named Alfredo, this whole collection is a flop. 

19. Joke’s top top me. Despite several models tackling who on the runway, the fashion critics adore the collection. “Leave it come Alfredo to bring a feeling of theater ago to brand-new York fashion,” a reporter says. Well, fashion walk love drama!