Minus chris Andersen"s devastating rhythm, the Miami Heat"s Harlem Shake video clip that"s taking the net by storm is a perfect example of why the warmth are destined come repeat.

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No, it"s not due to the fact that the NBA title is decide by sick run moves. If that was the case, the warm wouldn"t also make the playoffs.

And it"s not since they proved their prowess for reliable pregame stretching in the beginning of the video. 

The reason why the Heat"s Harlem Shake video clip displays their capacity to repeat is due to the fact that it reflects the type of rare chemistry that they have with everyone on the roster.

The just person lacking from the video clip is head coach Erik Spoelstra, and let"s be honest, that would"ve wanted to watch him trying to groove?

The truth that every 14 active members of the Heat"s roster participated in what I favor to call the "South coast Shake" mirrors they aren"t afraid to not take themselves also seriously.

Sure, you could chalk it approximately the fact that they space sitting atop that the eastern Conference with a 41-14 in its entirety record. Yet in reality, the reason why they"re feeling so good about life is because they actually enjoy being with each other.


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On document that might seem incredibly trivial, however on the court and in the locker room the "brotherhood" is what takes teams from being good to being truly great.

The Heat"s success, confirmed by their 12-1 overall record in the month of February, is no coincidence.

It"s in big part since of the way the members the the team have actually grown together and built chemistry on and also off the court.

There"s certain no way that you"d watch Kobe Bryant top the L.A. Lakers in the Harlem Shake. And now that the Oklahoma City Thunder don"t have actually the moustache wonder, James Harden, you most most likely wouldn"t view them posting their version of the Harlem Shake to the details superhighway.

While a lot of doubters may use the video to say that LeBron James isn"t acquisition his craft seriously enough, the video aptly depicts his capacity to not only relate to his teammates, but to likewise bond through them.

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You may see it as an overreaction to the Heat"s video, yet their chemistry—depicted in the Harlem Shake—shows why they space going come repeat this season, and it"s because they"ve established more chemistry than any other team in the NBA. 

Now it"s time to proceed basking in the Heat"s dominance and let them Harlem shiver their way to the 2013 NBA Finals. 

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