Winnifred: They all live happily, happily, happily ever after. The couple is happy leaving the chapel eternally tied.As the curtain descends, there is nothing however loving and also laughter.When the fairy tale ends the heroine's always a bride.Ella, the girl that the cinders go the wash and the walls and the winders. But she landing a prince who was brawny and blue-eyed and blond.Still, i honestly doubt that she can ever have actually done it without that crazy lady v the wand. Cinderella had external help! I have actually no one but me… Fairy godmother, godmother, godmother!Where deserve to you be? ns haven't acquired a fairy godmother.I haven't gained a godmother. I have a mother… a plain, plain woman! snow white was so pretty lock tell united state that the queen to be insulted and jealouswhen the mirror asserted that snow white was the fairest of all. She to be dumped on the border however was saved by some guys who adored 'er; Oh, I give you, they to be small. However there were 7 of them! practically a regiment! I'm alone in the night.By myself, not a dwarf, no an elf, no a goblin in sight!That girl had actually seven determined little men working day and night simply for her!Oh sure! The queen gave her a poisoned apple. Even so she lived happily, happily, happily every after!A magical kiss counteracted the apple eventually…Though I recognize I'm no clever I'll do what they call me ns hafta!I desire some happily ever before after to take place to me!Winnifred maid that the mire, has one basic human desire Oh, ns ask because that no an ext than 2 shoes on the floor beside mine.Oh… who to fly and also to float with to swim in the marsh and the moat v as for this one… Well, he'd be fine. Yet now it's all approximately me… and I'm burn to bring it about. If ns don't I'll be stuck with goodbye and an excellent luck and get out!But i don't wanna obtain out! i wanna get in! I want to acquire into part happily, happily ever before after. I desire to go happily the end of the chapel eternally tied. For I know that I'll never ever live happily ever after 'til after I'm a bride! and also then I'll be happily happy, Yes, happily happy! and thoroughly satisfied! Satisfied! Satisfied! oh Yeah! (In the dungeon deep below the castle, the Queen and Merton space preparing a potionto assure Winnifred's sound sleep. Unbeknownst come them, the King, hiding in a suitof armor, is hearne to your schemes. As quickly as the angry plotters depart,Dauntless happens by and also King Sextimus realizes that, top top the night of his son's marriage, that is time to have a talk) King: (mimes) Dauntless: You and also I…King: (mimes) Dauntless: We have to talk…(The King pauses, pats his heart) Dauntless: Heart-to-heart? King: (mimes) Dauntless: no heart-to-heart? King: (mimes) Dauntless: Man-to-man? King: (mimes) Dauntless: (touched) Oh.

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Man-to-man. Well, what room we walk to speak about, Papa? What execute you desire to phone call me?
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