Country singer Sam Hunt and longtime love Hannah Lee Fowler have actually been married for over three years. Gain to understand the brunette beauty here!

Country music star Sam Hunt and also wife Hannah Lee Fowler very first became an item over ten year ago, around the time Hunt i graduated from the university of Alabama in ~ Birmingham in 2007. The pair’s on-and-off-again romantic rekindled sometime in 2016, though it’s unclear specifically when castle officially reunited. Hannah made she mysterious windy debut via Sam’s Instagram account in respectable 2016. That fall the couple jetted turn off to Israel where they quickly came to be engaged, though they waited come share their news till January 2017. Hannah Lee Fowler is 32 year old (born ~ above October 27, 1988, in Montevallo, Alabama USA). Sam hunt is 36 year old (born December 8, 1984).

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On April 15th, 2017, Sam and Hannah bound the knot in Hunt’s small hometown that Cedartown, Georgia. The intimate ceremony was hosted at the town’s Methodist Church and also was attended by roughly 150 of the couple’s closest family and also friends. The reception climate was held at a venue dubbed In the Woods in Rockmart, Georgia.

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So that is the elusive Hannah Lee Fowler? together reported by E! News, she’s a nurse indigenous Montevallo, Alabama who is additionally the earliest of seven children— Joshua, Rebekah, Sarah, Jonathan, Elizabeth, and Daniel. Her mommy is Linda Fowler and also her father, Scott Fowler, is a minister at the feather Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church in her hometown. Hannah is an extremely involved in humanitarian work and has travel the civilization to assist others.

“While I was in Nashville do the efforts to acquire things going v music, Hannah was offering medical care to Hondurans throughout the 2009 coup,” Sam shared in late 2017 on social media. “She was functioning in Syrian refugee camps and delivering Kurd babies in northern Iraq throughout the 2014 elections. She invested time in Israel where she promoted a feeding program and also worked through Holocaust survivors.

“Her heart for mankind is among the things I admire most about her yet she’s put her ambitions on host to be v me for the previous year and also a half. This winter, many thanks to the world who’ve sustained me and my music, i’m able come go with her and also be a part of her desires as they’ve end up being mine. If you’ve ever before bought a record or involved a show, God bless you for providing us this opportunity,” the star continued about joining his mam on a volunteer mission in Honduras.

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play some brand-new songs at 3rd and Lindsley Tuesday night

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As fans well know, Hannah influenced much that Sam’s debut Montevallo album and also remains very involved in his music.

“I run every little thing by her and make certain to gain her sign-off,” Hunt recently shared with People. “I’m not sure that I’m ethical to the allude that I should run it by anybody various other than my wife. She’s really large on authenticity, so periodically I can get a tiny too big for mine britches and also write songs that are outside of my character. Not only my literal meaning character, but even the character ns might be able to pull off in a song. She care to save me honest when it comes to that together well, also when she’s not affiliated in the song.”