Is over there a difference in the word order in this structure? Is it the same if i say

hand miscellaneous over to someone


hand over miscellaneous to someone?

Collins provides both structures:

If friend hand something over to someone, you pass it to them.When girlfriend hand over who such as a sinner to who else, you provide the control of and responsibility because that them to that various other person.

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Is there any difference between the two? Or any indication of once one framework would be much more recommended 보다 the other?


Both structures room grammatical, and there is no distinction in meaning between them.

When would certainly one framework be recommended rather than the other?

If your noun expression is short (like something or the prisoner), we would often tend to placed over after the noun phrase. If your noun phrase is longer (like someone such as a prisoner) us would tend to placed over before the noun phrase.

One much more comment: someone such as a prisoner isn"t a long enough phrase for the place to make lot difference; but for really lengthy phrases, placing over prior to the expression makes the sentence fairly a bit much easier to understand.

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Over and also to him need to not it is in linked.

The combination of "to him" = preposition + pronoun. This deserve to be defined as (i) an indirect object (ii) an adverb modifier (iii) a (dative) complement


Note exactly how "quickly" or "reluctantly" have the right to substitute because that "over", or "over" can be eliminated altogether.

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Note exactly how "quickly" or "reluctantly" cannot substitute because that "over", back "over" can be eliminated altogether. This often tends to show that I handed it over to him need to be the preferred form.