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For women of color, obtaining our hair done at the salon is a gamble. Many upscale salons and spas regularly aren’t equipped to manage our distinctive hair demands — tangling, shrinkage, et al. Even those that insurance claim to understand babsence hair might not have the right arsenal of assets, or might overlook the potential permanent damage of recurring chemical processing or exposure to extreme temperatures.

Amongst the large chop of awesome Philly salons are some that specialize in herbal hair. We pored via reviews and websites, chatted via owners and also painstakingly whittled dvery own our list to six of Philly’s top-rated hair salons for organic and textured hair, from the Dominideserve to blowout kings to the highly experienced Caribbean braiding parlors. Treat yourself!

Admirations Hair It Iz & Spa, RittenhouseWith over 25 years of cosmetology experience behind her belt, Deborah Herder has assembled an expert team that is trained to appropriately treatment for multi-textured hair without relying on harsh chemicals. This winter, go tbelow for the moisturizing Caramel hair conditioning therapy (beginning at $25), which has actual bananas and organic honey. It’ll keep natural hair healthy and soft throughout the cooler months. 2033 Chestnut Street, Rittenresidence, 215-564-2929.

James Brvery own Hair, Washington Square WestWhen it concerns caring for organic hair textures, James Brvery own has actually been claimed the “hair wizard” by satisfied customers lauding his talents on Yelp. His bbest and also intimate shop has a stellar online appointment booking system, which indicates 2 things: no wait time and also no overbooking. Ladies through multi-textured hair varying from 3a curls to 4c kinks will be happy to know that James gives an exceptional Round Brush Blowout ($80), paying cshed attention to the scalp and also edges and protecting hair from warm using herbal assets favor Moroccan oil. Schedule your first appointment here. 1114 Pine Street, Washington Square West, 215-238-1121.

No one does braids, locking, and hair weaving favor Island Design, which is among just a handful of salons in Philly that supplies a wide array of one-of-a-kind natural hair solutions. Whether you’ve simply taken the plunge and also did the Big Chop (cutting off your processed hair and beginning brand-new growth), require a fabulous up-do for prom, or want to change back to organic hair slowly with Micro-braids or Marley twists, Lorraine and her team perform it all; for 16 years, they have actually been servicing brand-new and also returning clients from across the Delaware Valley, New York, and also Atlanta. Their salon likewise carries exclusive, hot-offering herbal product lines made especially for locks and also herbal hair maintenance, prefer Taliah Waajid, Design Essentials, and also Joie. Kids services, $45-65, adult services $70-200. 1410 North 52nd Street, West Philly, 215-472‐2470.

Lisflor’s Dominihave the right to Salon, PoplarDominihave the right to hair salons have an almost cult-favor complying with for their ability to practically reverse the damages done by chemical processes and also hot irons. What’s their secret? Centuries of mastering hair treatment approaches and also organic commodities that stand up to humidity and also prevent break-up ends. Lisflor’s most well-known company is the classic Wash and also Set ($30) (lavacarry out y secado) — a deep-conditioning followed by a round brush blow-out or roller set. Finishing touches may incorporate a light shine serum favor Silicon Mix Brillo. You’ll be in and also out in under 2 hours with a head complete of bouncy, high-gloss tresses that puts the divas of the ’70s to shame. Oh, and also first time travellers acquire a complimentary deep conditioning. 510 West Girard Avenue, Poplar, 215-426-7527. 

La Pearl Beauty Emporium, Powelton VillagePearl Bailey-Anderkid initially began offering hair solutions in her house 30 years earlier. From there, she’s won a organize of awards for hair-braiding and weaving. Now, her full-company hair treatment facility specializes in hair and also scalp health and wellness (think: treatments like Low Level Laser Therapy for hair loss). Be certain to make an appointment via Sheena for sew-ins or Nikki for organic styles. Hair and also scalp consultation and full therapy, $175. Ask about student prices. 3857 Lancaster Ave, Powelton Village, 215-387-8232.

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Jus Roz Multicultural Hair Salon, University CityThis heat and inviting unisex spa and also salon offers something that much and few salons do: privacy. For Muslim woguys who select to cover up, this is vital to enjoying a high-end spa or hair business without having actually to issue about their faith being compromised. (The spa provides private areas for services.) In enhancement, Roz does some spectacular Multi-tonal Color, which have the right to be tricky to achieve on organic hair textures. Walk-ins welcome, contact for pricing. 130 South 45th Street, University City, 215-796-4143.