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Hacker Vision for chrome cost-free download , Hacker Vision chrome extension download , Hacker Vision addon download because that Google chrome

Hacker Vision chrome extension is Relax your eyes with a dark background and also light-colored text. Applies a dark design template to the whole Internet..

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Night mode for the internet.

Try it completely totally free for 6 months.

Now the #1 availability app in the chrome net store!

Join end 150,000 human being who give hacker vision 5 stars.

Apply a high-contrast, dark template to the whole internet.

Choose and save i m sorry pages to screen normally, and which room dark.

Hands down the best application out there to minimize headaches, migraines, relax her eyes, and also just spring awesome.

Completely totally free for the first 180 days and also only $2.99 per year ~ that.

-reduce eye strain -Alleviate migraines and also headaches indigenous viewing monitors -increase battery life.

-(allows girlfriend to reduced your brightness and also still check out easily) -Helps not disturbing others next to you in a dark room -Feels natural for coding and programming v a dark design template text editor -feels prefer vim and also sublimetext- use with Vimium for the full experience -Perfect because that night browsing and also privacy surfing around others at nighttime -Because night setting for the internet!


------------ -works on every websites - (note: no expansions work ~ above "chrome://" urls or regional files( "file://" )) -tailored optimizations for popular websites -choose i beg your pardon pages to operation it on and save your setups -decreases eye fatigue -extends battery life -will not disturb human being next to you through brightness -helps stop migraines (accessible) -helps if you have glaucoma -safe & certain - offers no unnecessary permissions -constantly updated and maintained -Free because that 6 months and only $2.99 every year ~ USE: to switch in between Normal and also HV, click the "h" icon in the attend to bar if viewing the site, and also simply choose ("Hacker Vision" or "Normal").

Your settings will be saved so you only have actually to collection it once.


Global stop ON/OFF HOTKEY: CMD+SHIFT+FN+F11 (MAC) or SHIFT+F11 (PC) 2.

toggle existing page between Normal and Hacker vision: same as over but push F12 instead change the means you browse v Hacker Vision!

Whats New: -- update -- 09/04/2015 -- 2.41 -- fixed to job-related with Chrome 45+, less conflicts, smarter backgrounds, much better contrast.

A+ -- upgrade -- 06/21/2015 -- 2.39 -- fix gawker sites - Jalopnik, Gizmodo, io9, Lifehacker, Deadspin, Gawker, Jezebel and Kotaku.

-- update -- 05/21/2015 -- 2.37 -- fixed Doxygen flow charts -- update -- 04/25/2015 -- 2.36 -- twice AS fast + every movies have to work 100% currently + better photo detection.

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Hacker Vision Chrome expansion Download

that is the Hacker Vision google chrome extension download attach you can download and also install google chrome Browser.

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