“Grant and Lee: A examine in Contrasts,” written by Bruce Catton compares and contrasts the characteristics and lives of 2 leaders the the polite War. Ulysses S. Grant and also Robert E. Lee, 2 very solid and very different generals, met ~ above April 9, 1865 at Appomattox Court residence in Virginia to bring to a nearby the civil War. Through this time, America had become a country that was beginning over through the straightforward core id in equal rights for everyone. Lee, that is from Virginia, had really traditional and also old fashioned beliefs.

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“ Grant and also Lee a study in Contrasts around Leadership ”
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He strongly believed in the idea that having unequal, leadership, and social categories provided an benefit to society. The Confederacy adopted Lee as their leader as well. Furthermore, Confederate soldiers considered Lee the price of whatever for i beg your pardon they had actually been ready to dice for. Top top the other hand, approve was raised very differently indigenous Lee, his father had actually been a tanner ~ above the western frontier, and also he was carried to it is in a hardworking man and also to do something of himself.

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give primarily concentrated on democracy and also believed the no individual was born into any type of class.

Moreover, he thought that culture should have privileges the each man should win for themselves and also not just have privileges due to the fact that you were born right into an aristocratic family. He is look at the complete opposite of Lee in his id that each person has the capability to job-related hard and gain your own good fortunes. Grant thought in a well balanced social framework that did no limit anyone come any specific fate.

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He believed that life was a competition and also everyone should acquire the possibility to reach your limits.

Grant had a more modern-day outlook on life and Lee would quite live in accordance with the past. Also, Lee and also Grant to be most various when it concerned loyalty. Lee experienced himself really much in relationship to his very own region. The was brought up in a static society where change was no known. Therefore, his commitment would just be to the culture in the location he lived and would fight to the limit to safeguard it because he thought that it provided his life the deepest meaning. ~ above the various other hand, provide would fight because that a broader concept of society so that there might be growth and expansion.

He would fight for the Union with whatever he had since he strongly believed in the Western method of life he was increased in. Return Grant and Lee had individual beliefs that clashed with one an additional they also had a couple of things in common. For example, Catton points out they were both great fighters that shown a the majority of tenacity and fidelity come their separate causes. Approve battled and also endured his way down the Mississippi Valley despite his armed forces handicaps and personal discouragements if Lee still had confidence at Petersburg after all hope to be lost.

Also, your fighting characteristics were very similar and lock both refuse to provide up as lengthy as they to be able to fight. They were both also very daring and also resourceful in the they had actually the capability to move quickly and also think faster than the enemy. Most importantly, they were alike in the sense that they had actually the capacity to turn away native war and come come peace as soon as the fighting had actually ended. As a result, this aided the country become whole and united again. Your gathering in ~ Appomattox to be a an excellent moment in American history.

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In our modern society today I think that we can now talk about our politics differences and also beliefs in peace and overall our nation is one that is an extremely united as a whole. We live in a country that strongly complies with Grant’s id in equal legal rights for everyone in i m sorry citizens room able to poll for that they desire as president of the unified States. Also, although civilization will always disagree and agree top top some things we carry on the ideas of Lee and Grant in that us can constantly come together and discuss points in a tranquil manner much like they did at Appomattox ~ above April 9, 1865.

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