This is a longish saying which, the seems, has actually lived because that a long time: "Good things involved those who believe, much better things pertained to those who are patient and the finest things comes to those who don"t offer up." A girlfriend of mine recently mutual a post of this sayingfrom photo Quotes … i m sorry didn’t acknowledge anyone. In Google pictures I found numerous others postedwith this quote top top them. The first one had taken their pic off Wisdom quotes who didn’t speak on their pic who had said the quote.

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Neither did VCSU- several quotes, including this one, posted without a speaker. Not good for a university!
Even in Australia the was contained in A better Todaywith no speak mentioned and no “Unknown” mentioned!
Qtations post a change of words: “Good thingscome come those that believe, much better things involved those who job-related hard, and thebest things concerned those that never give up” but it still sounded prettymuch the same.
It was changed by plenty of websites to “good things pertained to those that wait / believe/ work-related / hustle / go out and earn it” and lots more.
According to Wikipaedia, “Good things pertained to those that wait” is one “English phraseextolling the virtue that patience”. Violet Fane was quoted in 1892 v "all things come to those that wait",and and there is a pic available from Alamy the Violet Fane with her signature.
Fane’squote started a lot of quoters over countless years later. Ns haven’t been able tofind who changed that phrase, yet too many world today change it and also no-oneacknowledges who has readjusted it. “Allthings concerned those who wait” must be posted as a quote native VioletFane, however every various other quotes, with changed words or meanings, must beacknowledged come “Unknown”.

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