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Without fail, the hosts of the Today show and Good Morning America churn out epic Halloween costumes year after ~ year — and 2017 is no exception.

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On Tuesday, Today‘s NBC stars pulled out all the stops, hitting the plaza dressed as country’s best artists, v Reba McEntire introducing “legend’s night.”

And legend’s night the was: Carson Daly proved up as mullet-rocking Billy ray Cyrus, Kathie Lee Gifford as Miley Cyrus, Al Roker together Willie Nelson, Megyn Kelly as Shania twain (in a corset!) and Hoda Kotb rocked a far better Blake Shelton 보다 Blake Shelton himself, who showed up because that a surprised performance.

“It was fun, it’s constantly surreal,” Gifford, 64, called couchsurfingcook.com at the show. “We every dread Halloween because it’s a lot of work and then us all have the ideal time, right?”

“It ends up being funny at the end, and also looking in ~ Blake looking at me due to the fact that I couldn’t call if he to be horrified or excited, it was creepy a little, ns think, to view someone pull up as you,” joked Kotb, 53.






“Every shred of mine dignity is gone,” quipped Kelly, before being surprised by the real Shania twain on stage.

But probably the cream of the crop was Savannah Guthrie as Kenny Rogers and also Matt Lauer as Dolly Parton, who performed a duet the “Islands in the Stream.”

“Somehow they persuaded me come dress as a mrs one more time,” claimed Lauer as his partner roared v laughter.

Speaking to couchsurfingcook.com ~ above set, Guthrie stated the costumes had remained in the functions for a little over a month — and also the prosthetics and wigs were borrowed from Saturday Night Live.

“I think we’ve constantly wanted to execute a duet, and also Matt does gain dressing together a woman,” she joked.

“Getting come sing through Savannah was fun, return there to be a pair of awkward moment there, the heat “making love to every other” was … I had to look away,” claimed Lauer, 59.

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“We could feel the whole country cringing when we sang that as well each other however other 보다 that the duet was good. You’ve never ever looked better,” Guthrie, 45, told she co-anchor.