Not because they"re impolite, but since it would practically as exhausting as the ordeal their 12-year-old daughter is enduring. For an ext than three weeks, the saturday grader indigenous Angleton, Texas has actually been sneezing uncontrollably all day long. She"s right now averaging 20 sneezes per minute. 

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Thornley stated trying to control the urge to sneeze is painful. Sleeping is difficult. Eat is difficult. Play the clarinet impossible. She"s had actually to quit the swimming team. She"s also quit walking to college for fear of being a distraction.
Doctors think Thornley"s problem may actually be a tic. “She had kind the a funny emotion that she explained in her nose and that piece of her history is an extremely common for tics,” child neurologist Dr. Mered Parnes told alphabet News. 
“She had actually an episode ... Wherein it to be 45 directly minutes,” her father Travis Thornley said. “She to be screaming in ache a pair of time and all I have the right to do is just hold her tight and wait for she to go to sleep.”


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