On Tuesday, couchsurfingcook.com to be the an initial to report that Trina McGee will certainly be guest certification in the 2nd season of Girl Meets World, and now we have actually your exclusive very first look at Angela (McGee) and Shawn"s (Rider Strong) highly anticipated reunion.

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Prepare come swoon youngsters of the "90s, due to the fact that even when Angela and Shawn room standing across the room from each other, their chemistry is undeniable.

But wait, there"s an ext — we additionally have fans" very first look at the Hunter family earlier together again! Blake Clark, that played Chet Hunter, Shawn"s dearly departed father, will appear in the same Girl Meets World episode as McGee.

EXCLUSIVE: Shawn Hunter will Reunite v Angela and His Dad!

Nearly 15 years have actually passed since fans have actually seen Angela and Shawn together. (Who else is feeling extremely old?) and also even despite we"ll have to wait a while before the upcoming reunion lastly airs, executive, management producer Michael Jacobs promises that inquiries of their relationship will be answered in GMW"s an initial season.

"We determined that we want to operation Shawn with an development Girl accomplish World"s first season>," Jacobs explained to couchsurfingcook.com. "We’ll very first see him in the reunion episode during the holidays and then we’ll check out him in an additional episode later on this season that actually type resolves what happened in between Shawn and also Angela."

In a recent Girl Meets civilization episode, Shawn was presented Maya"s (Sabrina Carpenter) mom, and the blonde beauty, played by Cheryl Texiera, is his new potential love interest. In fact, Riley (Rowan Blanchard) was the mastermind who paired the 2 together, and also she"s currently keeping she fingers crossed the Shawn will end up being Maya"s new dad. (No wonder she watch so upset at Angela"s return!)

NEWS: Shawn Hunter will Make His "Girl Meets World" Debut!

Based on our sneak peek photo above, we"re guessing that Shawn will be looking come his Dad because that some partnership advice as soon as Angela lastly comes ago into his life.

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BMW fans will remember that also though Chet pass away, the still appeared many time in the hit collection as a figment of Shawn"s creativity or his life-guiding subconscious, and also we"re told the Clark will appear in the very same capacity in Girl Meets World.

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So what"s walk to happen when Angela and also Katy (Texiera) lastly come face to face? only time will tell, but from the watch of this Twitter picture that McGee common from the Girl Meets world set, it shows up that both the Shawn"s females are obtaining along great.