Earlier this week, the Jane the Virgin star posed for a casual selfie that revealed a significantly shorter hairstyle.

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"Short hair, don't care. Ha. Not true. It'll take part adjusting," she common on Instagram. "I'll just be a little crazy it rotates the fairy dust settles!"

But together it transforms out, this was just the an initial transformation for the talented actress. Top top Wednesday afternoon, Gina revealed her decision to shave the side of she head because that a new movie role.

"Annihilation. #AnyaThorensen," she composed on Instagram while mirroring off her new hairstyle that might still it is in pulled into a bun.

Gina Rodriguez & Dad gain Ready for golden Globes

Before you ask why she took on together a large transformation, we have the factor behind the look. "It's for a film role," she common with one fan on Twitter. "And ns love it."

While the specific movie remains unclear, we deserve to say her following project titled Deepwater Horizon will certainly take viewers earlier to April 2010 once the offshore drilling rig exploded and created the worst oil pour out in U.S. History.

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Mark Wahlberg, Dylan O'Brien, Kate Hudson and cut Russell star in the film the "honors the brave men and women whose heroism would certainly save countless on plank and adjust everyone's resides forever."

And because that those still doubtful of the new hairstyle, we have a feeling Gina doesn't care around the haters. After ~ all, she's been taught by her parents to constantly believe in yourself.

"I grew up with two amazing civilization in mine life," she once mutual with E! News. "My parents were so phenomenal as soon as it pertained to body image and also to beauty and also being really comfortable in your own skin."

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