B. Elements of a Planning Horizon

The planning horizon has actually two vital dimensions: time and price. The previous is represented by the horizontal (x-axis) and also the last by the vertical (y-axis).

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The horizontal (x-axis) governs the forecasts of the future occasions (“realistic“) and is obtained from the physical evaluation.

The initially year of the horizon is referred to as the initial year, the last year of the horizon is the terminus year. The size of the planing horizon is the number of years from the base year to the terminus year contemplated in a report.

The vertical (y-axis) governs the estimated costs of the future events (“defensible“) and also is obtained from the financial evaluation.

C. Interdeals with of a Planning Horizon

The planning horizon does not run in isolation. It intersects through various other time periods that both precede and follow the topic horizon. Where the topic horizon deserve to be taken into consideration the current home window right into the future, is adjoined by a past-home window and a future-home window.

Listed listed below are some ideas to highlight these interfaces:



D. Stages of a Planning Horizon

For management objectives, the planning horizon deserve to be separated right into 3 stperiods that adsign up with (sit beside) one another. The stperiods are loved one to one another and not relative to the base year.

The combination of the tasks in all 3 steras (brief, mid and also long) offers the full funding pack. Projects in the long-array phase have higher price linked via the time worth of money (inflation).

E. Nested Views of Planning Horizon

Tright here are 3 types of planning horizons depending on the length of the window/outlook right into the future, each of which is family member to the base year and also they each provide various levels of detail and also have various probcapability distributions.

The better an occasion is later on to the lower the confidence interval associated via that occasion.

The tactical horizon is nested within the strategic horizon and the operational horizon is nested within the tactical horizon.

The length of the strategic horizon varies by jurisdiction. For example: in British Columbia, the strategic horizon is 30-years. In Alberta it is 25 years and also Hawaii it is twenty years.

F. Populating the Planning Horizon

Generating a realistic and defensible planning horizon is an obstacle that is generally left to consultants. The process of populating the horizon consists of two crucial parts;

The means and techniques of populating the data into the planning horizon are provided below.


Consultants use spreadsheets or more sophisticated software application tools to generate the planning horizon through a series of algorithms derived from the physical evaluation on each ascollection (ie., chronological age, effective age, staying useful life).

The high quality of the data in the planning horizon will depfinish on the quality of the physical analysis.

G. Objective Analysis of the Planning Horizon Patterns

Once the planning horizon has been populated via events, typically as a result of a consulting report, the experts are able to analyze the trends and trends in the horizontal circulation of the occasions.

Listed listed below are objective and also impartial devices for analyzing the patterns of the events in the planning horizon:

Distribution-over-Time and Distribution-by-SystemCapital Load of all the linked costs connected via all the occasions throughout the planning horizon.

Simple-View (roll-up) and also Detailed-View (drill-down) (such as a stacked bar chart).

Planning horizons at various life stperiods.

A strategic arrangement through the majority of of the tasks arising within the second fifty percent of the planning window. This is characteristic of buildings in the childhood life phase and adolescent life steras.

H. Subjective Interpretation of the Planning Horizon

Listed below are some of the interpretations of the future occasions and also future says reflected in the planning horizon. An outlook or scenario.

I. The Time Dimension (Shifting Horizon)

The following ideas carry out understanding right into the liquid nature of the planning horizon:

Behind-the-Horizon and also Beyond-the Horizon

J. Management of the planning Horizon

Listed below are some the key asset administration ideas to assist with the administration of the planning horizon.

Mapping the planning horizon versus the facility life cycle version for buildings of the equivalent course. For instance, what is the capital trajectory for low-climb buildings that are 30 years old.

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